Friday, January 8, 2016

Sweet Tooth

Dave Cochrane, Scott Kiehl, Justin Broadrick
So you like Head of David.. that's great, me too
Their last album ? yeah I don't like it either
What ?! Justin Broadrick leaving ? no he had nothing to do with the fact they gone crap, he's been drumming for HOD some months and nothing more.. It was their brilliant bass player-founder Dave Cochrane departure that led to such a bummer album.
And while his friends in HOD worked on that boring poppy industrial effort, he was releasing his first album with his new band, which also included Justin Broadrick, if that's what'll make you listen to this.

Sweet Tooth were really brilliant band in my opinion, a Birmingham trio of youngsters, not older than 21, who released a "mini-LP" and a live album during their short existence. Dave provided the same ferocious sludgy bass as he did in HOD, plus being in charge of the vocals, which is sort of whispers being shouted from the abyss of hell. This time they realized Broadrick will contribute much more to the sound if he'll get a guitar in his hands instead of sticks, delivering jarring metal tunes. And so the sticks were held by Scott Kiehl, who came all the way from Chicago circa 1987 to join other british heavy-sound band Slab!
Their sound can definitely be recognized as Post-HOD, but their approach to songs was different, instead of playing repetitive monotonous songs, Scott's jazzy-proggy drumming style leads the songs to a whole other level. And I got to add that's his drums, sound so heavy, and so freakin' good.

Soft White Underbelly, released in August 1990, was their debut, including only 6 "sonic attacks" (that's the promo sheet saying, and damn righteous) recorded at Falconer studios in london and produced by Grant Showbiz

1. Fat City
2. Kitty Fists
3. Sugar Cane
4. Ultimate Muscle Bible
5. Reducer
6. Soul Shark

Get it here (Flac version can be found in comments, since I uploaded it for someone anyway)

Three years later they released a live album called Crash Live, recorded at Kilburn National Ballroom in London, live mix was done by John Gurney, and although bass is pretty unhearable in the noisy parts, the sound is pretty good, and I enjoy this album as it was their second one (it's even longer than the first

1. King Carrion
2. Sandman
3. Crash
4. Fat City
5. Sugar Cane
6. Suckerpunch
7. Iceman (Kitty Fists' last part extract)
8. Dragnet

Get it here (Flac version in comments below)

I am also aware of a live recording of Sweet Tooth in TicToc Club, Coventry, where they support Loop,
but never manged to find that bootleg, so if you have and willing to share with a brother, Shark Bless You
Live at TicToc Club, Coventry


  1. And here's that FLAC Soft White Underbelly (not my rip)

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