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Mentioning Scott Kiehl's drumming on last post, made me want to post some rarities by the band which caused him to move from Illinois to England, Slab!
This post is for Slab's enthusiasts.. if you don't know Slab!, just go listen Descension before you check this.. and if you do know, and don't like, than just get the fuck out.

Dissatisfied with Robin Risso's unable to improvise, the one who drums on their maverick debut Descension, experimental industrial metal (which is the only way I can think which won't offend Stephen Dray to describe Slab!) decided to find a new fellow to join in. Chris Baker who also contributed drums before, suggested his friend Scott, saying he is the only man who can fit that job.
Eventually, Scott flew to Chicago just to come back with a native friend, Lou Ciccotelli, to record Slab's second album Sanity Allergy, which saw Scott playing bass, and Lou drumming.
Bill Davies, Robin Risso, Paul Jarvis
Stephen Dray, Dave Morris (Descension)
Only Slab recording to feature Scott on drums is their 3rd Peel Session, which was recorded between the two albums, included very heavy early version Sanity Allergy's Last Detail, a brutal-fierce version of Descension's Big Sleeper, and two unpublished songs

1988-02-21 - 3rd Peel Session

1. Last Detail
2. Bride of Sloth
3. Big Sleeper
4. Killer For A Country

Stephen Dray - Vocals, Saxophone
Paul Jarvis - Guitar
Dave Morris - Guitar
Bill Davies - Bass
Scott Kiehl - Drums
Hugh Rawson - Trumpet

Later on, after being not satisfied with Sanity Allregy due to some reasons (even though I think it's a great album), the band sort of fell apart, forcing Stephen and Paul too look for new members. This next line up is documented in single Death's Head Soup, and also in a live bootleg which presents some Sanity Allergy songs with a more psychedelic feel
Paul Jarvis, Lou Ciccotelli, Dave Morris,
Scott Kiehl, Stephen Dray (Sanity Allergy)

1989 - Live in Hultsfred, Sweden

1. Land of The Midnight Sun
2. Switchback Ride
3. You're Not Alone
4. Last Detail

Stephen Dray - Vocals
Paul Jarvis - Guitar
Nick Page - Guitar
Boleslaw Usarazewski - Bass
Rob Allum - Drums

Next up Nick left the band, to make place for Graham Sherman an NME journalist, which according to Slab's very informative and well written biography by Stephen Dray, was their finest era, and if by any chance you have recordings of this line up, please share
I'm also looking for 2nd Slab! Peel Session, which was avilable through Head Heritage forums some years ago and now link's dead


  1. Not offended, but even I don't have a copy of the second Peel session

    1. Well it has been digitised, and was already on the web before, so I'm still staying optimistic to find it ;)
      Are you up to any music these days Stephen ?

  2. Discovered you guys through the compilation jazz satellites volume 2, mindblown no one on earth sounds like you

  3. Stephen, I really like your writing style. Have you read Vince White's clash book? I think you'll get a kick out of it