Saturday, January 30, 2016


Michael Allen, Gary Asquith, Marco Pirroni, Marc Cox, Max

I didn't made a 2015 best of list (but be sure it wouldn't be so replicating like all others, jesus, this is the easiest age to find new music by yourself and everyone seems to just get their taste from the same place) nor did I make an 2016's most anticipated, but if I would, Rema-Rema would be on the top of it.

Yap, you read good, Rema-Rema, 2016 ! Legendary short living London group is releasing on upcoming summer a new album, compilation of unreleased studio recordings recorded before Wheels In The Roses (during 1978-1979).
Just so you'll have any clue of what treats are coming up to you ears (not that you don't know it already if you've heard the EP) here are two live bootlegs

1979 - Live at Lyceum, London (not quiet sure it's really at Lyceum)

Marco Pirroni, Max, Mick Allen
1. Short Stories
2. Christopher
3. Feedback Song
4. Laurence Harvey
5. Why Ask Why ? (Cut in the end)

1979.04.26 - Live at Acklam Hall, London

1. Feedback Song
2. Laurence Harvey
3. Why Ask Why ?
4. Short Stories
5. Christopher
6. Entry
7. Rema-Rema

The last two years have already saw some unreleased Rema-Rema recording, released as 7" and 12" by Inflammable Material.

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