Thursday, October 18, 2018


Greg Williams, Lydia Lunch, Alex MacNicol, Johnny Nation

Mrs. Lydia Lunch of course needs no introduction, nor does 13.13, which were the gloomy incarnation she managed to somehow craft out of The Weirdos.
Here are two somewhat descent quality live bootlegs of their US tour promoting their one and only album (probably best Lunch effort in my opinion).
Unfortunately, no live version of This Side of Nowhere, but still includes almost all of the repertoire.
Info and photos were taken of From The Archives, thank you very much for your fine site.

Live at Peppermint Lounge, 1981
By Catherine Ceresole (taken from Beauty Lies In The Eye photobook)

1981.10.30 - Live at Jeds, New Orleans, Louisiana

1. Intro
2. 3X3
3. Snakepit Breakdown
4. Stares To Nowhere
5. Lock Your Door
6. Suicide Ocean
7. Afraid of Your Company
8. I Fell In Love With A Ghost

1981.11.14 - Live at Peppermint Lounge, New York City, New York

1. Intro
2. Snakepit Breakdown
3. 3X3
4. Stares To Nowhere
5. Afraid of Your Company (Cut due to fire department visit)


Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Det Glade Vanvidd ‎- The Rest of (1984-1989)

I think- Oddvar Njåstad, Harald A Nissen, Magne Njåstad, 1987
There really aren't much traces of info regarding Det Glade Vanvidd, as a matter of fact, it all pretty much sums up in their discogs page or in this fine norwegian blog. So frankly I've got nothing much to add (nor that I know anymore) about this nordic unappreciated group.

This compilation released in 2006 is gathering tracks from their cassettes, which are very musically varied, going through futuristic synth punk (Lov Song III), circus mess rock (Marx Brothers, Surfin' Beirut), cacophonic hardcore punk (Proklamasjon, Utfor Stopet), folk (Dansen Går På Skratteskjær), their epic dark post punk (Jakob, Ut Av Byen), and moreover, circulating more than 70 mins.
Now let's put an emphasis on the brilliant Ut Av Byen for a moment, just to show you how unique these guys were.. I mean, listen to it.. that shit is fucking proto black metal, that atmosphere, the riff that wouldn't embarrass Judas Iscariot.. Even thou he and his necro friends won't admit it, it is possible that young Vikernes was at a few shows of these guys lol
And if all that's not enough to show you how awesome DGV were, there's a hidden track at the end, not less than a live psychotic cover to Scratch Acid's Cannibal (One of DGV members will later form Albino Slug, norwegian industrial noise rock act name after the SA song of course).

1. Lov Song I
2. Roter Wedding
3. Lov Song II
4. Yallesong
5. Lov Song III
6. Proklamasjon
7. Ut Av Byen
8. Terror
9. Salme
10. Dansen Går På Skratteskjær
11. Rock & Roll Oh Yeah
12. Jungel Nord For Dovre
13. Jeg Er Død
14. Ingen Problemer
15. Utfor Stupet
16. Marx Brothers
17. Marx Brothers
18. Surfin' Beirut
19. Shakespeare In The Bush
20. Jakob (+ Cannibal (Scratch Acid Cover))

If you have any of their cassettes, please share !

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Tox Modell

André Bach, Xavier Serge Martin, Marc Tegefoss and Arjen Schrama
Live at first Ultra night at Oktopus, photo by Ronnie Kroes 1980.09
Ultra, as you can read on quite a few places online, was an Amsterdam movement/scene/whatever happening around Oktopus club and Vinyl Magazine, circling experimental/post punk/electronics groups bla bla bla

The most interesting group among these, were undoubtedly Tox Modell, comprised of four guys line up, two guitars, bass and vocals, no drums, often switching duties among themselves. They were probably the closest things to the industrial "punk" of early SPK singles back than. They managed to create the same psycho-robotic sonic mayhem of the aussie pioneers.

Unfortunately only 3 songs were descent quality studio recorded (hopefully for some to pop up on the web as things always do) and released as a split with fellow Ultra's Plus Instruments, on a flexi disc included in a Vinyl Magazine issue.
Other than that, two gigs were released on tape by Lebel Period (run by the group's guitar player Marc).

1981.03.21 - Live at Groote Keyser, Amsterdam (Flac)
1. Electric Intermissions
Live at Parkhof, photo by Arie de Jong 1981.04.11
2. Numbers Two
3. Paris St. Lazare
4. Dustland
5. Stalingrad
6. Obedience
7. P.C.F.
8. Subanarchy
9. Marrakesh
10. Some Gaims

1981.04.11 - Live at Parkhof, Alkmaar
1. Numbers Two
2. Paris St. Lazare
3. Bye Bye Dutchland
4. Stalingrad
5. Obedience
6. P.C.F.
7. Marrakesh
8. Some Gaims
9. Sub Anarchy !!!!
10. Electric Intermission (Live at Simplon, Groningen, 1980.06.14)

1981.05 - Split with +Instruments (recorded 1981.03.26)
1. Paris St. Lazare
2. Stalingrad
3. Numbers Two

Ultra harsh and raw (including all three releases)
You should check out those live videos of Stalingrad and Numbers Two to know what you're facing with.

Monday, February 19, 2018

Toll - No Doubt

In 1984 Ramleh took a break willing to discover more musical areas and gathering new ideas. That's when Toll were formed and served as a first step for Gary Mundy's evolution from the "conservative" early power electronics. This evolution will continue in various forms like playing in Breathless, participating in Anne Clark's albums, and creating the eccentric Hole In The Heart (which is in a way a missing link between early and late Ramleh), thus experiencing and experimenting different aspects and musical forms.
Well.. that's at least how I see it..

Croydon based Toll were Mundy, Tim Soar and Matthew Frith (which for my understanding was initially a recording guest), and together they released Christ Knows (cassette and LP) and No Doubt (cassette only), both in 1986, featuring wide vary of directions within the noise-industrial-ambient-soundscape spectrum and even some minimalitic post punk vibes, and while some is as harsh as early Ramleh, it is much more "musical".
Recordings of the "studio-written tracks with no pre-planning" included few other guests (mostly of the Broken Flag rooster) such as Tim Gane (Stereolab, than- Uncommunity), Paul Lemos (Controlled Bleeding), Pierre Jolivet (Pacific 231), Zag Ring and Gavin (thank you for your violin whoever you are).

Christ Knows was re-released on CD in 2006 by Cold Spring Records, and you can and should get it through their bandcamp or the online shop. Remastered and with three bonus tracks off of the second Toll cassette titled No Doubt.
For a reason which is beyond my knowledge (please enlighten me), both cassettes, shares pretty much the same tracks, some in different versions, so I've left out of the file all the tracks that appear (with better sound) on the Christ Knows' re-release. So don't act surprised, the file is only partial!:

1. Broken Frame (Instrumental version)
2. There Must Be More Than This [Released on Ohrenschrauben compilation, Also re-recorded for Ramleh's Grudge For Life]
3. As We Live And Breathe
4. Forge
5. Parch (Parched instrumental different version)
6. Out From Your Shell
7. Matter of Fact (Instrumental Version)
8. Perfecting Naivety
9. Radio Moscow
10. Unfinished (A bit longer version, ends different)
11. Matter Of Fact
12. Christ Knows
13. Broken Frame (Dub)
14. Brute Freeze (Dub)
15. Out From Your Shell (Dub) [Released on Riposte compilation, titled Out 2]

As said, all bolds are unique for this cassette, the rest of the tracks included in the re-release
No Doubt (128kbps, sorry), enjoy.

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Days 736205-736570

Imbecile childish writing about good music

Same deal as last year - This list focus on 2017 releases that in my opinion didn't got the headlines they deserved. I see absolutely no reason for another list of "I like this and that and that" which eventually is just another generic list with the same names you see again and again in different rankings. 
Oxbow, PigsX7, Brainbombs, Godflesh, Vagabon, Endon, Woe, Unsane, Ragana, Fäulnis, Circle, Stupeflip, Gnod, Pissed Jeans, Jute Gyte, and that list carries on and on.. and you've all heard them, or saw their name shines in so many lists, so why the hell would you need another one to do that ?

Last year's list was pretty huge, I've tried to do this one much shorter, because a lack of time and will to write so much. For some convenience and order I've written it in four parts.
There is no particular order, enjoy