Thursday, May 28, 2020


Tos Nieuwenhuizen,
1987.09.13 (I think)

Before Kevin Martin's, God has revealed himself upon the earth in the form of a dutch power trio. I'm not gonna expand many words about this, mainly cause I'm not the biggest fan of this group, just cleaning some stuff off the computer, so thought I'll upload it here first for whoever.
Don't get me wrong, all three of them are highly technichal, talented players for sure, and the music is a bizzare mix of progressive art-y heavy thrash metal jams, something like Gore-Black Sabbath-Black Flag-someone, but I just never come to listen to any of the albums, never struck me as memorable ones. Someone will enjoy it more for sure.
First line up was responsible for first two albums (their semi-primitive debut Sweet Life is undoubtly my favorite) included Tos Nieuwenhuizen (guitar), Daan van der Elsken (drums, vocals) and Michael Cavanaugh (bass). Tos left on and the last album saw the addition of Björn Warning (guitar, vocals) and Joszja de Weerdt (guitar), with them the sound became a bit more "90's alternative" thing.

If you're looking for more God, be sure to check this '87 radio session up at Brob Tilt's tapes, he even claims it's better than their studio, for me it's all the same. Bob also scanned an interview with them at his Zine-World if you care.

1988 - Sweet Life (as said, their best)

1. See Smoke, Smell Fire
2. The Finger
3. Settling Down
4. Lust
5. Wimps
6. Teste Marce
7. Stomping Ground
8. Sack B.
9. So Be It!
10. The Asset of Punishment

1989 - The Shametree

1. Risk of Regrets
2. Blessed
3. Wordsworth
4. Stuck
5. Can You Take It
6. Medicine
7. What Climax
8. Brainstorm

1991 - Headrush

1. Image Down
2. Fooler Of Fools
3. You Know Me Not
4. When Time Is Present
5. Zero Sicks
6. Taste
7. Horizon The Liar
8. Drink Deep
9. Black Balled
10. Chicken Song
11. Who'll Decide
12. Child
13. Classic

Friday, May 8, 2020

Various Artists - Haifa Point

Here's a compilation of local Haifa-Krayot bands in the late 80's, I don't have much info about who and what, all are pretty anonymous, but I have a fine gut feeling that all the artists here circle pretty much the same participants. There's plenty of uncertain info coming ahead.

I think this was compiled by "Marcelino" aka "Mr. Chello" (probably Israel Dotan), who joined the latter incarnation of the more known group among these no names, called שרמוטה מעופפת בהרים (Sharmuta [Slut] Flying In The Mountains). They were somewhat a "cult" band in Israel (even though few are the people who heard them and you can count on two hands the amount of shows they did between '87-'90), playing their own version for music, which came as what one might call avant garde industrial music, known for incorporating bizarre self made instruments and for playing a gig at a mental asylum in Tirat Carmel (at least one of the members was hospitalized there during the years).

M.I. Dotan - pretty sure is just the aforementioned Israel Dotan.

Both songs presented by Katherina And Patricson, were later recorded by a band called איוב (Eyov), so I guess this is just an early incarnation of Eyov which included, surprise, former members of Sharmuta (Yuval Hillman who played bass, Mor "Matt" Romi on guitar).

Jem Boom Jem's track is also called "You Have To Look For", it was recorded in 1987, in Kiryat Motzkin.
Zohar Leshetz (aka Bionic Shultz, of Sharmuta) doing the vocals, both Doron Reubens and the aformentioned Yuval Hillman on bass, Keren Alon on guitar.

Honestly, this tape doesn't represent the most amazing music you'll hear today, it's far from being something I'd strongly recommend, but some might enjoy some tracks here, and if not, it's here for the sake of documentation. You can find here a lo-fi blend of industrial/electroncis/synths/post punk/acoustics.
Personal favorite is the D. Zonder Men's track.

Hebrew readers who might amuse themselves with Yoram Bar's bashing review over here, should also take notice for the comment by Boris "Swisa" Svirsky (founder of Sharmuta F.I.T.M.) claiming these two tracks by his band absolutely don't represent their true sound.

What's the point.. (lossless tape rip)

Many thanks once again for Rani Zager who opened up his ZazBenDoom tapes vault.

If you happen to have the sole Sharmuta official release, 1991 "Classic Hits Compilation", and willing to share, no one here will stop you, be sure of that, nor will anyone prevent you from shedding light on the other obscure artists here. Info, photos, etc.. are always more than welcome (I can contribute some more info, pics and audio regarding Sharmuta if it's in anyone cares).

Saturday, April 18, 2020


מפגרת ([she]-retard) were a hardcore punk band active in a town called Yehud between 1993-1997, somewhat "the golden era" for punk in Israel. Even thou they were pretty well known among the scene at the time, everytime I ask someone to tell me their story, it always end up with a short answer filled with disinformation (some spread by themselves, using pseudonyms for instance) and rumors. I know they were pretty likened by inner circles, but also heard they had some bashes because one of them seemed to rat out, or cause they were just acting weird.  Some  of the members are said to become religious in the next following years, rumors which are also explaining their disappearance and are cited for irony due their highly extreme anti-religion lyrics. They were even said to be connected Uzi Meshulam's group.

Musically both of their demos are considered pretty cult, and both stand as my all time favorite Israeli punk releases.
First one is much more raw, featuring fuol noisy hardcore punk. This rip is taken from the 2002 bootleg discography release. This means this rip does not include some sketches that were between the songs, also missing are three last songs, which were recorded live*.
The full artwork I've included within the link is of the first, original tape !

1994 - Carpe Diem

1. חופש בקופסא (Freedom In The Box)
2. שחררו את וענונו (Free Vanunu)
3. אשכנאצים (AshkeNazi'm)
4. D.D.T.
5. כשיגיע המבול (When The Flood Will Come)
6. פעולה ישירה (Direct Action)
7. מפגרת (Mefageret)
8. תקנות חירום (Emergency Regulations)
9. המתנחלת כאישה (The Settler As A Woman)
10. צנזורה  (Censorship)
11. מדור עסקים (Business Section)
12. אלצהיימר (Alzheimer)
13. שחררו את וענונו (Free Vanunu) [Live]*
14. כשיגיע המבול (When The Flood Will Come) [Live]*
15. חופש בקופסא (Freedom In The Box) [Live]*
X. שחררו את וענונו + צנזורה + חופש בקופסא [Live video above, bonus I've edited from Isvey Pere video compilation]

By the time their second release came, one of their two guitar players has joined the army, and was usualy replaced live by others from the scene like Shmulik Perry (Oi Va'avoi, Riot 94), Santiago Gomez (Nekhei Naatza, USF and many more).
This release saw them injecting metallic hardcore riffs with smart and tasteful ska bits. The lyrics for the brilliant 5 seconds opener are translated "Atom-Bomb", read the track's title and you'll figure what this is all about. Also within the link, the original tape full artwork, including catalogue for the fake (and if not very ultra-rare) distro of their own Media Spread Disease records.

1996 - Pulsa De Nurra

1. איך לפרק התנחלות בלי לאבד חיי אדם יקרים (How To Dismantle A Settlement Without Losing Precious Life)
2. דוסים לאוגנדה (D.O.S.S. To Uganda)
3. 21 פסיכיאטרי חיות (Twenty One Psychiatric Animals)
4. Khaki Nightmares
5. More Than Imagination
6. Cynigog (Israel Belongs To Me)
7. PCP Revelation
8. גראפיטי בכותל המערבי (Spray The Western Wall)
9. Free Vanunu!
10. Wrong Answer
11. 11 הצבא צועד על מוחו (ואח''כ מנסה להשתמש בו) (Thee Army Marches On Its Brain (And Tried To Use It))
12. Evacuate Or Die!
13. 100 Gates of Stupidity
14. Never Trust A Vegeterian

As usual, if you have better rips, original tape rips, stories, corrections, thoughts, share with us.

Saturday, April 4, 2020

Xanadu - Blackout In The City

After the Destroy All Monsters Putsch where Cary Loren got sacked of his own creation, he was joined by DAM's members Rob King and 2/3 Miller brothers, Ben and Laurence (who are also about to get kicked by Asheton and Niagara's boots.. guess they weren't made just for walkin'), all together recording the only release for Xanadu, creepy dirty lo-fi garagey fuzzed art rock, nice hybrid between contemporary Cleaveland and Michigan musical aesthetics. A lot of nods for all the band memebers past resume, via Sproton Layer and first experimental incarnation of DAM, all evident in four songs only.

1. No Change
2. Time Bomb
3. Switch The Topic
4. Blackout In The City

Trip to Xanadu

Also released by Loren at the time, was a compilation of recordings he did with DAM, called Days of Diamonds. Now usualy when we get to this part where I request stuff, you all vanish after downloading the link, but I'll never stop trying, so.. If anyone has a rip of Days of Diamonds, please share with a brother.

Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Rabies Caste ‎– Children Can Fall Into Bucket And Drown

Russell, Dale Rabid, Dave K.
Dear nature, thank you for bringing upon us a new virus, to help us reduce and balance our unthoughtful and selfish overbreeding, and for what seems to be an amusing upcoming socio-economical chaos to break the boring life routine, thanks to the hysterical morons. I only wish that instead of those lame flu symptoms, perhaps you could have made it a bit cooler ? some kind of nerve system-hard to trace virus, something brutal and violent.. something like, I donnu..

Rabies Caste are showing signs of life lately (you can follow on their facebook page) and updated that they are re-releasing their '98 debut magnum opus, For The Vomiting Tractor Drivers, for the first time on vinyl (suppose to happen this May, through Dada Drumming).
In order to celebrate all of the above, here's one of their long sought early demos, provided straight from the personal cassette collection of Mr. Rani Zager, a mentor and guidance for the musical education of me and many other local miserable bastards. We all thank you Zazbendoom.
Done my best to rip it lossless, but the source quality ain't high to begin with. Sounds pretty fair though, and contain great material, another superb release by sludge lords.

1. Neon
2. Horse
3. TRP-P-2
4. Instilling
5. Goddamn
6. Inch