Sunday, April 14, 2019

Upsidedown Cross - Hate

Spawned to the world in 1998, just to be kept indoors, locked up as if it was Bad Boy Bubby, this Boston boy turns 21 this year, and I thought since it turns legal it'll be nice to post it up for good.
Hate is the unreleased third album by obnoxious sludgelords Upsidedown Cross. This time with a 6-monsters line up. As a matter of fact it already exist online, and you can check it with some more info on this youtube link, thanks to Michael Gillham of Black Operations (among many other things) who runs this fantastic tube archive filled with much more Kilslug related projects rarities.
Yeah sorry for the size,
that's the only picture of that line up available,
don't know whom to credit with..

1. Coming of The Friars
2. Desecrate A Corpse
3. Dark Cloud of Hate
4. Occult Power
5. Satan Wins
6. Vampire In The Mirror
7. Time Has Come
8. Hate

Hate (256kbps)
Mr. Lifeless if you have a problem with me sharing this please just contact and link will be removed, no need to brutally murder me, thanks.

Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Slab! - 2nd Peel Session

Dray, Risso, Morris, Jarvis, Davies
(Descension era, late '87)
A follow-up post for the original Slab! rarities post, here's the long sought, (almost) full second Peel Session by experimental industro-metal exceptionals, Slab!
Recorded at February 1987, between Parallax Avenue and Smoke Rings ep's, featuring probably same line up as those, and two unreleased songs, all in all, sounds akin to Descension than to earlier releases.
These tracks were badly edited from a December 1987 show, by your humble servant, missing only one track, which was broadcast only on one show (March 1987), available for listening at the British Library sound archive (item no. B3880/1 in the main catalogue). I've asked for it but it's open for public only in the place itself due to BBC copyrights. So if you manage to get in London and put your sneaky stealing hands on it, I do believe both Sir Peel and Mr. Dray would approve that ;)

2nd Peel Session - Recorded 01.02.1987 [Broadcast on 30.12.1987 Peel Show]

Davis, Dray, Jarvis, Risso, Rawson, Woodger
(Mars On Ice era, late '86)
1. Undriven Snow [Early, slower version than Descension's one]
2. Mining Town In Lotusland
3. Bloodflood [Same lyrics will be used in later track called Gutter Busting]
4. Parallax Avenue [Missing track]

As said, I believe correct line up here will be:
Stephen Dray - Vocals / Tenor Saxophone
Bill Davies - Electrical Bass Guitar / Effects
Paul Jarvis - Guitar
Dave Morris - Guitar / Bass Guitar / Alto Saxophone
Robin Risso - drums
Hugh Rawson - Trumpet
Neill Woodger - Trombone
I left full instruments credits as they appear on both Parallax Avenue and Smoke Rings, but it's probably much less than that on this session. It's a bit hard to determine exactly what horn instruments are actually playing due to the semi-descent audio quality. Might be even without Hugh or Neil.

And major thanks for the John Peel Wiki for helping me with info and links, beautiful site.

Friday, March 1, 2019

World Domination Enterprises - Live at Tegen Tonen Festival

Keith Dobson & Digger Metters at Paradiso
Picture taken by Bauke Koster
Just another short one, in honor of Steve Jameson, bass player for WDE who passed away. Only a few bass players could get as heavy as he did in the 80's.
Found this bootleg last year, thought now's a fine time to upload it, than saw it was already uploaded here, which I assume is the fellow who originally taped or ripped it, so kudos. Anyway, no reason for this incredible documentation not to be shared again.

A fine demonstration of Steve's talent and pounding muddy sound and in general for this group's unique chemistry. Abusing their instruments to create their abrasive dense sound.
Steve Jameson at Paradiso
Picture taken by Bauke Koster

1987.05.29 - Live at Tegen Tonen Festival, Paradiso, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Track 1-5 are soundcheck recording

1. Hotsy Girl
2. Look Out Jack
3. Look Out Jack
4. Look Out Jack
5. The Bullit Man
6. Funkytown (Lipps Inc. Cover)
7. Asbestos Lead Asbestos
8. The Bullit Man
9. The Stack Blew Jack
10. Look Out Jack
11. I Can't Live Without My Radio (LL Cool J Cover)

Both pictures were snatched off a fantastic facebook photo album by Bauke Koster. So thank him too.

Friday, February 22, 2019

Hash Over

Don't like them post without words, but since I got no time for this, and I still want the blog to remain somewhat active, here's a band I honestly got zero extra info 'bout anyway. Line up can be found on discogs.. Bunch of frenchies from Dijon I think, making the usual oh so lovely post punk noise rock with elementary math rock, FFO: Birthday Party, Jesus Lizard, Cows, or going more local, stuff like Sloy..
I prefer the second one, a wee more abstract in my ears, Branca-ish guitars.

1995 - Ashen

1. The Gift Of Expression
2. Adesso
3. On My Foot
4. Open Camp Doc
5. 5 Finger Discount
6. Principal 45
7. Inner Ace
8. Suffer In Your Sleep
9. Legionaire's Sleep
10. Courtship
11. Shift-Shit's Demise

1996 - Open Cage

1. Knockout Drops
2. S.S.S.
3. Paolo Timbre
4. Open House
5. White Induction
6. Knife Thrower's Assistant
7. The Memory Of Benny Paret
8. Bentonite Magma Tent
9. Farday Cage

Thursday, January 10, 2019

Harry Crews

Lunch & Gordon

Just finished a book called Scar Lover by Harry Crews.. yeah that was a waste of time.. not quite sure if I should ever try another one by Crews, but I do know that I'm not gonna take any more book recommendations from these girls.

Harry Crews was a short project which got some fame thanks to the fact it's a collaboration between Lydia Lunch and Kim Gordon, among with drummer Lisa Tomicich (Sadie Mae) and second guitar player Patricia Place (who left before any show was played).
They went on a Euro tour in 1988, and broke up after that, releasing their sole official release Naked In Garden Hills (1990), which is mainly their last show in Vienna, plus three songs off their London show (which you can find here fully).
Lucky for the fans, some more material was recorded live and that's what this one is about.

Some info was again, taken of the great From The Archives site, which made this post some much easier to write, thanks.

Lydia Lunch, Kim Gordon, Lisa Tomicich

1988.09.05 - Live at Huset, Århus, Denmark (partial debut show) 
Broadcast by Danish FM Radio

1. Man Hates Man
2. Distopia
3. -Interview
4. Knockout Artist
5. Casual Lunch "Audience Baiting"
6. Gospel Singer

1988.09.09 - Live at Ritz, Stockholm, Sweden (partial)
Broadcast by Swedish FM Radio

1. About The Author
2. Distopia
3. The Gospel Singer
4. The Way Out
5. Car
6. Babylon Blues

1. About The Author
2. Man Hates Man
3. Distopia
4. You're It / The Gospel Singer / Knockout Artist
5. (She's In A) Bad Mood (Sonic Youth Cover)
6. The Way Out
8. Car / S.O.S.
9. "...A Little Something"
10. Orphans (Teenage Jesus And The Jerks Cover)