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Graeme Milton, Graham Perkins, Simon Doling, Martin Byrne
With all due respect to both Norwegian groups (which there isn't much actually), the only one trve Thule that matters were this London group formed around 1987.
Now, while they didn't got much name outside local Camden scene, let alone England, they deserved much more appreciation for their unique experimental leftfield big beat/dub/industrial post rock. Yap, that's pretty much how they sounded like, making a brilliant british link from the 80's to the 90's, while performing mostly in western european countries and leaving not much recorded audio out there to document that.
Their old myspace page credits a long list of musicians in the line up, thou I believe only the first five listed here were the main core, correct me if I'm wrong:
Graeme Milton - Drums, Programming, Percussion
Graham Perkins - Guitar, Keyboards, Programming, Percussion
Martin Byrne - Bass, Guitar, Keys, Vocals, Percussion, Programming
Simon Doling - Bass, Percussion (also played drums for World Domination Enterprises for some time, later to join Terminal Cheesecake and be replaced by Charlie Finke)
Perkins, Doling, Byrne, Milton
Dave Smith - Vocal, Percussion
Mick Ritchie - Keyboards, Percussion
Kev Poree - Live Sound, Keyboards (from FOH mix position)

Their first 12", 1988's Dr. Lloyd, I've never managed to get, but two tracks out of it were featured on later releases, leaving us with only two tracks missing from their discography. Here's what I first thought of them before even knowing about Simon Doling's connection- "Terminal Cheesecake joining forces with WDE trying to mimic how Bark Psychosis would sound playing big beat records". Really, they fuse it all through industrialish very early big beat with dub touches plus heavy/ noisy rock tracks (Disko Beach, Dynamo, Murderball and few more).
Influences on myspace said to be Chrome, Kraftwerk, Tackhead, Can, 23 Skidoo, Cabaret Voltaire.. (and if I may add Finitribe, Slab!, Meat Beat Manifesto ?)
Later on Perkins, Milton and Byrne joined forces with Jason White acting as 95 Nil, playing pretty much what they did with Thule.

1989 - La Jamais Contente [160 kbps] (12", Wiiija Records)

1. Springtime (Etched In Ice)
2. Owed To Kreed
3. Looking Backward To See You
4. Disko Beach

1990 - Wheel [128 kbps] (Wiiija Records)

1. World Service
2. Looking Backward To See You
3. Springtime
4. S.G.L.
5. Sharps
6. Good Old Good Olds
7. Robber
8. Concave Bulge

Sorry, no scanner so no back cover.
1992 - 321 Normal 2 [Loseless Rip] (Clay Records)

1. While It Lasts
2. Dynamo
3. Idiomatic
4. Murderball
5. Three Legged Race
6. 4/5 Of 5/8 Of F/A
7. King's English
8. Park Keeper
9. Split
10. We Is You Am
11. Skyscraper

As usual, if you have any missing stuff, better quality, or just some nerdy trivia/info/memories, share with us common people.

Sunday, October 13, 2019

Belfast Ghetto - Live At Millennium, New York City

I found this one many years ago, I'm pretty sure on some Sonic Youth forum or something like that, but can't recall, so much respect to whoever recorded/ripped/upload it back than. I left the folder same as it was so if you recognize and want a credit send message.
Belfast Ghetto, better known as Beirut Slump, better known as another Lydia Lunch project.
All in all they performed only four shows, active around the same time as Teenage Jesus.
If you've never heard Beirut Slump you should check them out first via Shut Up And Bleed compilation, including their only single plus a few more studio and later live tracks, all in better quality than what is presented here, this one is.. for fans.
This is their debut show, the only one under the name Belfast Ghetto, at the Millennium Film Workshop, 66 East 4th Street, Manhattan. As you can expect audio quality is not the best, but hey, at least it's FLAC..
Other than Mrs. Lunch who only plays guitar here, another worth mentioning name to catch your eye will be Jim Sclavunos on drums.
Gotta give last credit to From The Archives where you can get much more info on this and other Lunch (and other's) projects.

1. Untitled
2. See Pretty
3. Untitled
4. Try Me
5. Sidewalk
6. Staircase

Saturday, September 14, 2019

Mildew - Flat On The Face / +

Original '98 cover
So after Israeli group 3H split up, both drummer David Oppenheim and bass player Reem Hareuveny moved to new york, forming there short living trio called One Two Four Nine (nice alt. rock, I'll post their album somewhen), than, same year (1995), going even further, towards much more extreme and experimental realms, acting as the semi-active to this day, menacing metallic noise duo Barbara.
In 1997 David's solo project Mildew, Ovesh in Hebrew, released it's first cassette [if you have it, please share]. Mildew was his first shift towards electronics (at least recorded, as far as I know), using samples, keys, computer and triggers.
After a few Barbara demos, Reem had to come back to Israel in 1998, due to personal problems, leaving David alone, to concentrate on Mildew. Flat On The Face is the only full length, recorded straight after Reem left, and it is one of his finest creations in my opinion (and let the record show that I truly admire a lot of his stuff, and he has released a vast variety).
Musically I always get an image of the Scorpion VS Johnny Cage fight, while trippin badly on a large dose of ketamine, and that Fear Factory remix in the background getting a minimal remix by Duran Duran Duran having a program crash. A Y2K version of Chu Ishikawa's Tetsuo OST. Or as his own legendary label Heart And Crossbone states "super slow, dark & repetitive electronics, drum machine gone out-of-control, a digitized binhexed godflesh floating in cyber-outer-space".
This was self released as an "interactive piece" with an external controller, I'm uncertain about the meaning of this, since I own only the 2005 repackaged re-release. But there it is on bandcamp, enjoy.

An interview with David a bit after, but same era, if you're willing to know more about
Bonus track for fans, unreleased - Shir HaShiryem (I think it was recorded after the album, but not quite sure)

boy man machine
Now for the plus meaning - just paying your attention to a new release coming up next month, Drose - boy man machine +
Those agonizing long "end of the year" list I've written on this humble blog, are filled with great albums, but to be honest, only a few truly lasts with me afterward. 2016's Drose is still a one I come back to, that's why I give it's upcoming exciting re-release this very special honor.
Cmptr Stdnts, what seems to be like a promising label (responsible for last year's Big'n EP), are in charge for giving boy man machine a new life, both again on vinyl and more important, first time on CD, with bonus songs and a very thoughtful design.
Do I need to write again about the brilliant dissonance between the soulful emotional vocals to doomish industro music on this one, harmonized together in a wonderful biomechanical album ? I think not..
Do yourselves a favor and pre-order it here

Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Pain Teens

So.. this blog has been up a couple of years now, and so far not even one Texas band posted. I'm very ashamed and take full responsibility for this disgrace. Hence a Pain Teens bootleg archive filled with goodies for whomever it may concern.
This post includes both audio and video bootlegs recorded by many different brave souls whom I don't know, and so comes in varied qualities, some better some worse, all descent enjoyable level in my opinion.

If in any case you've wasted your teen years not knowing who Teen Pains are, you might wanna do yourself some favor and check them out. Lucky for you all of their full lengths (and the long sought rare tapes) are available on singer's Bliss Blood Bandcamp page.
So thanks Miss Blood, Scott Ayers, Pain Teens, and all those anonymous original recordes.

1991.02.21 - Live at Tegentonen Festival, Paradiso, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Recorded by VPRO Radio
Scott Ayers, Bliss Blood, Kirk Carr, David Parker
Live at Paradiso, 1991, by Bauke Koster

1. Intro
2. Noh Jam
3. Bannoy
4. My Desire
5. A Knife
6. She Shook Me (David Bowie Cover)
7. New Woman
8. Bad In My Head
9. The Poured Out Blood
10. Pleasures of The Flesh
11. Preppy Killer
12. World of Destruction
13. In Every Dream Home A Heartache (Roxy Music Cover)
14. Ballad of Dwight Fry (Alice Cooper Cover)
15 I Got A Right (The Stooges Cover)

1991 - Live Video at Trees, Deep Ellum, Dallas, Texas (Partial, Youtube Link)

00:00 Body Memory
04:17 The Basement
07:55 My Desire
11:47 Shallow Hole
15:23 Pleasures of The Flesh
19:00 Sacrificial Shack
Scott Ayers, Bliss Blood, Frank Garymartin, Kirk Carr
Live In Dallas, 1991
22:50 Bad In My Head [cut-up in the end]

1991.09.19 - Live at The Kennel Club, San Francisco, California

00:00 Wild World (The Birthday Party Cover)
05:08 Preppy Killer
08:05 My Desire
12:05 The Poured Out Blood
16:18 Noh Jam
20:15 Bad In My Head
23:45 She Shook Me (David Bowie Cover)
28:56 New Woman
34:00 A Knife
38:12 Pleasures of The Flesh
42:30 Sacrificial Shack (cut-up near the end)
45:22 [pretty sure that's a cover, but can't remember which song]
48:48 Body Memory [I think, early version]
53:08 Bannoy
58:05 Sweetheart (Zeni Geva Cover)

1992.09.30 - Live at English Acid, Los Angeles, California (Partial)

1. Wild World (The Birthday Party Cover)
2. The Basement
3. My Desire
4. A Knife
Scott Ayers, Bliss Blood, Kirk Carr
Live in Houston, 1992
5. The Poured Out Blood
6. Say It With Suicide [cut]

1992.10.10 - Live Video at CBGB's, New York City, New York (Youtube Link)

00:00 Wild World (Bad Seeds Cover)
06:35 Death Row Eyes
08:55 My Desire
13:14 The Poured Out Blood
17:49 Say It With Suicide (Culturcide Cover)
22:34 Shallow Hole
25:49 Pleasures of The Flesh
29:46 Body Memory
34:49 Bannoy

1992.10.20 - Live Video at Khyber Pass Pu, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (Youtube Link)

00:00 Intro
02:56 Wild World (Bad Seeds Cover)
09:15 My Desire
13:20 Death Row Eyes
Scott Ayers & Bliss Blood
16:50 Living Hell
20:40  The Poured Out Blood
25:18 Say It With Suicide (Culturcide Cover)
30:13 Sacrificial Shack
34:15 Shallow Hole
37:30 Body Memory
42:22 Pleasures of The Flesh
46:18 New Woman
50:10 The Basement
54:00 Bad In The Head
58:00 Bannoy

1993.03.06 - Live Video at Khyber Pass Pub,  Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (Youtube Link)

00:00 Intro
04:00 Tar Pit
08:38 The Basement
12:40 Wild World (Bad Seeds Cover)
18:35 Living Hell
22:20 Body Memory
26:08 Say It With Suicide (Culturcide Cover)
30:43 Pleasures of The Flesh
34:56 My Desire
39:05 A Knife
43:00 The Poured Out Blood
48:15 Drowning

Destroy Me Lover release show
1993.07.24 - Live Video at Catal Huyuk, Houston, Texas (Youtube Link)
Destroy Me Lover release show

00:00 Shock Treatment [with lyrics ?]
06:10 Cool Your Power
09:30 Prowling
12:57 Tar Pit
17:30 Living Hell
21:35 The Basement
26:00 Dominant Man
29:43 Lisa Knew
34:15 Body Memory
39:00 Say It With Suicide (Culturcide Cover)
43:50 If You Were Mine (Billie Holiday cover, Bliss Blood alone)
45:35 Shallow Hole
49:17 New Woman
52:50 Drowning [?]
57:10 [short tuning noise jam]
58:30 Teenage Whore (Hole Cover)

1993.09.17 - Live at Masquerade, Atlanta, Georgia

Scott Ayers & Frank Garymartin
1. The Poured Out Blood (Cut)
2. Prowling
3. Tar Pit
4. Lisa Knew
5. Cool Your Power
6. Body Memory
7. Say It With Suicide (Culturcide Cover)
8. Pleasures of The Flesh
9. My Desire

1993.09.22 - Live at Club Babyhead, Providence, Rhode Island

1. The Poured Out Blood
2. Shallow Hole
3. Tar Pit
4. Lisa Knew
5. Cool Your Power
6. Body Memory
7. Say It With Suicide (Culturcide Cover)
8. Pleasures of The Flesh
9. Destroy Me Lover

If you deserve a credit for a photo/recording please, please send a message,
If you can help identify any of the tunes I couldn't please send a message,
If you have any show or comments to add, please send a message,
Enjoy, please send a message.

Wednesday, May 29, 2019

David Linton - Orchesography

Early examples for Linton's unique bashing rhythm qualities, can be heard listening to him playing percussion and drums for some NY groups on the less known side of no wave scene, such as I/S/M, Interference or Plus Instruments.
1986's Orchesography, is his only solo album, released via Branca's Neutral Records, self produced with the help of Bruce Tovsky and Roli Mosimann.
Definitely an early bird, experimenting with noise gate on drums to generate samples, and while not the first, this album has it's own magic for me, mixing upbeat tense rhythms along with mostly classical theatrical samples. Fits well with his other art involvements.
If you like early Keith LeBlanc, looking for an instrumental, less new wave jumpy Foetus version, or have any electro-acoustic tendencies, give this one a listen.