Saturday, December 31, 2016

The Good Things You've Missed on Days 735840-736205 to the Christian Counting

Aka "How I wrote 33 times noise, 14 times black and 9 times experimental"

I actually never thought I will do any kind of list here, but as you can see there's a major lack of posts, so, why not
This ain't exactly the "best of 2016".. I have no intention to include here all the big names you'll see all over again in different ranks in the big sites. My intention is to give more exposure to albums that did not received the attention they deserve, promoting new names.. (not that this blog has so many visits but it's still something). So if you're looking for another copy-paste Pitchfork, or want to see if I ranked David Bowie or Solange in the first or second, than fuck off.

This is pretty huge post, I guess very few are the crazy ones (like me) who'll go one by one on a list like that, so even if you'll just pick a few random ones, I 100% guarantee you'll fall on something that will knock your mind off.
If you are a crazy one, welcome aboard, but before you start make sure you have extra time and extra space in your head for some new names.

So there it is 
(no particular order of course, this ain't no Billboard)

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Yuppies With Jeeps - Yuppies With Jeeps

Daniel Kiczales, Noam Yaish.
I think it's from 2002, but that's earliest one I have
Still breathing :) Sorry for lack of posts, I don't really have time to operate this as I thought I would

Yuppies With Jeeps are a jerusalem duo, which released 3 albums during a period of more than a decade. They became a real cult thing for proto-hipsters with their first one (2002) and made a lot of anticipation feelings at their fans with every new album they released.
Honestly, I'm not among their biggest fans, not sure why, maybe because of their weird oriental folk music which makes me think of a bad combination between Beefheart and gagaku music, maybe because I'm not intellectual enough to get their lyrics (I bet 80% of their fans don't get it either), maybe it's the sometimes whiny vocals, and maybe it's just not really that good and those proto-hipsters I mentioned were just looking for a new messiah at the time.
Over the time I learned to appreciate their debut album very much. Maybe someday I will like their next two.
 Anyway, this post is about their first EP, something not a lot of people know, and I think it can interest both fans, people who don't know them, and people like me who knows but not much cherish. Released in 1999 by Fact Records, consisting 5 tracks of the group's early experiments. Semi electronic tracks with cultural samples (Whiteboyday, Japanese In Cotton, Muppets), a noisy rock track with features some elements of their future work, specially the singing (Moron In A Suit), and a beautiful folk rock song (Ocean) which I think is one of Daniel Kiczales's (the singer) finest works.

1. ואייטבוידאי (Whiteboyday)
2. דביל בחליפה (Moron In A Suit)
3. יפניות בצמר גפן (Japanese In Cotton)
4. מאפפטס (Muppets)
5. אוקיאנוס (Ocean)

Self titled EP

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Not only there will be no posts during March, nor will I respond mails or comments, sorry !
Hopefully on April I will have time for new posts, since as you can see, I barely do

יצאתי לשחק בחיילים ומסכנים בחסות משטר הכיבוש, אני אהיה בגוש אי-ציון, אם מישהו באיזור ורוצה לבקר, ממתקים יתקבלו בברכה, אבנים בהבנה

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Embryo - Vagabunden Karawane

Posting documentaries is not something I thought I will, but this is a request by Archaic Inventions's Bence, and why not helping a fellow blogger if I can
So this is krautrock band Embryo's documentation of their 78-79 trip/tour in the far east
German speaking, no subtitles, but there is barely speaking here, mostly music, so if you're a fan of Embryo, check it out

Eins, Zwei, Drei, Vier (extract all in same folder and it should work)

Monday, February 8, 2016

Moonsorrow - Live At Lutakko, Jyväskylä, Finland

I was making some room on my PC, and decided that instead of holding all those Moonsorrow bootlegs I have I'll just post them over here and get them off my library. So originally this was intended to be a huge Moonsorrow post, I mean, real huge, 3 video bootlegs and 6.5 audio bootlegs I collected within the many years I'm a fan.
This plan was easily "ruined"by this amazing collection (much respect), which already shared all the stuff I was about to upload for many hours..
So this post will contain that 0.5 bootleg I mentioned in the above count, the only thing I got which is not appearing on the published bootleg list, with the only intention to be added to this list, cause if you're looking for a Moonsorrow bootleg, check the other better quality ones, not this..

Markus Eurén, Henri Sorvali, Marko Tarvonen
Ville Sorvali, Mitja Harvilahti
Live At Lutakko, Jyväskylä, Finland (08.04.2004)

Tracks 1-4 are missing unfortunately, audio is pretty bad
5. Ukkosenjumalan Poika
6. Unohduksen Lapsi
7. Sankaritarina
8. Tulkaapa Äijät
9. Pakanajuhla

Moonsorrow are a band often been overlooked by metalheads, being misjudged by genre and area, a lot of people think they play the same happy jumpy folka as Finntroll/Korpoklaani/etc.. but hell, these guys make brilliant progressive pagan black metal hymns.
If you haven't check them to date, give it a shot with their most epic effort, two tracks V: Hävitetty. I bought that album when it came out already being a familiar with all their previous albums, but hell, what a surprising album, I can't remember another album that dropped my jaw like this one.