Friday, February 22, 2019

Hash Over

Don't like them post without words, but since I got no time for this, and I still want the blog to remain somewhat active, here's a band I honestly got zero extra info 'bout anyway. Line up can be found on discogs.. Bunch of frenchies from Dijon I think, making the usual oh so lovely post punk noise rock with elementary math rock, FFO: Birthday Party, Jesus Lizard, Cows, or going more local, stuff like Sloy..
I prefer the second one, a wee more abstract in my ears, Branca-ish guitars.

1995 - Ashen

1. The Gift Of Expression
2. Adesso
3. On My Foot
4. Open Camp Doc
5. 5 Finger Discount
6. Principal 45
7. Inner Ace
8. Suffer In Your Sleep
9. Legionaire's Sleep
10. Courtship
11. Shift-Shit's Demise

1996 - Open Cage

1. Knockout Drops
2. S.S.S.
3. Paolo Timbre
4. Open House
5. White Induction
6. Knife Thrower's Assistant
7. The Memory Of Benny Paret
8. Bentonite Magma Tent
9. Farday Cage