Thursday, February 25, 2016

Embryo - Vagabunden Karawane

Posting documentaries is not something I thought I will, but this is a request by Archaic Inventions's Bence, and why not helping a fellow blogger if I can
So this is krautrock band Embryo's documentation of their 78-79 trip/tour in the far east
German speaking, no subtitles, but there is barely speaking here, mostly music, so if you're a fan of Embryo, check it out

Eins, Zwei, Drei, Vier (extract all in same folder and it should work)

Monday, February 8, 2016

Moonsorrow - Live At Lutakko, Jyväskylä, Finland

I was making some room on my PC, and decided that instead of holding all those Moonsorrow bootlegs I have I'll just post them over here and get them off my library. So originally this was intended to be a huge Moonsorrow post, I mean, real huge, 3 video bootlegs and 6.5 audio bootlegs I collected within the many years I'm a fan.
This plan was easily "ruined" by this amazing collection (much respect), which already shared all the stuff I was about to upload for many hours..
So this post will contain that 0.5 bootleg I mentioned in the above count, the only thing I got which is not appearing on the published bootleg list, with the only intention to be added to this list, cause if you're looking for a Moonsorrow bootleg, check the other better quality ones, not this..

Markus Eurén, Henri Sorvali, Marko Tarvonen
Ville Sorvali, Mitja Harvilahti
Live At Lutakko, Jyväskylä, Finland (08.04.2004)

Tracks 1-4 are missing unfortunately, audio is pretty bad
5. Ukkosenjumalan Poika
6. Unohduksen Lapsi
7. Sankaritarina
8. Tulkaapa Äijät
9. Pakanajuhla

Moonsorrow are a band often been overlooked by metalheads, being misjudged by genre and area, a lot of people think they play the same happy jumpy folka as Finntroll/Korpoklaani/etc.. Well no, these guys make brilliant progressive pagan black metal hymns, each and every time.
If you haven't check them to date, give it a shot with their most epic effort, two tracks V: Hävitetty. I bought that album when it came out already being a familiar with all their previous albums, but hell, what a surprising album, I can't remember another album that dropped my jaw like this one.

Thursday, February 4, 2016

The Blue Daisies - Wilt

Only recorded material by Los Angeles group, really great stuff, post punk/industrial/art rock/something, Dead Kennedys/Circus Mort/Slab/Someone
Formed in 1982 by Nic Greene (guitars) and Nate Scoble (guitars, vocals), joined by Brad Laner (drums) who was replaced by Steve Stain, Jeffrey Poe (vocals, percussion) and Hoagie K Hill (bass).
If you have any interesting info 'bout them, photos or live recordings, please share !

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Plastic Venus - Live at Roxanne

Ronit Bergman, Diamond, Hagar Magen, Yoram Gur
Even if you don't know or care who Plastic Venus are, you should definitely check this bootleg cause it contains one of the greatest cover songs ever recorded (swear to god), astonishing performance of The Sound's Winning.

Now with this being said, let me introduce to you local noise rock/shoegaze pioneers, Plastic Venus, formed in 1990, who released the following year their self titled debut album (which was actually a full live performance). Re-issued as cd in 2001with bonus tracks. Re-issued again in 2012 as an addition to a short documentary about them.

All of these are sold out as far as I know, but the reason I won't post that great piece of music is that it supposed to be re-issued once again! this time by Captured Tracks, which I hope will happen soon. (anyway it's pretty easy to find it online, be sure that you'll check if you don't know it)

1991 album is the only release of the first line up, including Yoram Gur (guitars), Ronit Bergman (vocals), Hagar Magen (bass) and Ilan "Diamond" Abramovitch (drums). Later on the group figured out they have nothing to look for in Israel, packed their stuff minus drummer and moved to London in 1993, where they released their second album, the much more shoegaze oriented Helven Park.

Live at Ha'gada Ha'smalit, 1991
Instead of the debut, I'll share with you another live show by the classic line up
Live bootleg at Roxanne, Tel Aviv (16.08.1992 or 02.1992 not quiet sure)
1. רק אם תחבק (Only If You'll Hug)
2. TV
3. משהו לא בסדר (Something's Wrong)
4. Kiss
5. 13
6. מוקיון של אלוהים (God's Clown)
7. מרזב (Gutter)
8. Yes
9. Winning (The Sound Cover)
10. מלאך (Angel)