A few years ago I opened a Black Metal blog for sharing (than) rare Asian stuff (mostly Japanese), and after a few months (and more contributors added) it had just become a huge bazaar for BM records links regardless the quality of the material.. So, I kinda despised that, abandoned it, and it's just got shut down some time later.
Since then I've been wanting to create a new blog, for more varied music, and surely to contain more content about the artists except for a picture and a download link.. and here it is-
All about promoting bands, resurrect forgotten releases and help music seekers find some new gems.
Anything new about that ? nope, it's just another music blog..

All links here are as far as I know out of print/bootlegs/unofficial
If your band or a band you represent appears here, and you don't want it to, just send an E-mail and it'll be taken off as soon as I see it

My english is not the best and I'd rather write in my native tongue, but god knows there's nothing more annoying than finding a blog post about a band you've been looking for in a foreign language.. so bear with it