Thursday, December 31, 2015

Mujahideen - Dead Language

Uri Crystal, Alon Ovnat, Harel Schreiber
Local music scene here is pretty small, seems like everyone knows everyone, and every time something new gets released, it always gets praised as "original and unique" which is almost never true. Maybe, very far often original and unique when it comes to locally terns, as in original in Israel, but been done in the rest of the world for long time.
Unfortunately, the only group here which IS making Original And Unique music is being pretty much ignored by the local media, these guys I'm talking about are Mujahideen, and they are truly something you've never heard before.

Mujahideen are a trio active for a decade, made by three guys who had a few musical acts before (name dropping won't probably help make you listen to this so I won't, but their ex-works are very good as well, especially vocalist's youth band).
Alon Ovnat - vocals, screaming, yelling, muezzining, trilling, preaching + effects and noise
Harel Schreiber - bass grooves that makes their music stuck in your head
Uri Crystal - programing, beats, samples, atmosphere that puts you in trance
I've followed this brilliant trio some time before their debut ep was released in 2009, and waited up until 2014 for their first full length to be released, and if I got to wait 5 more years for their next masterpiece to come, so be it
What makes Dead Languages a masterpiece for me ? first it's as I already said, something I have never heard be done before by anyone, anywhere.. It's theme's are full with cultural references (poets, other native acts) and protest, And the music is just hypnotizing, catchy, danceable, noisy yet clean and mostly very hard to define, influenced by post-punk/industrial/electronics with a mid-east touch
This is my favorite for 2014, and probably Israel's finest album for the decade

You can get it through bandcamp and when you'll understand you need this on physical (released as limited vinyl and cd-r) try contact Heart & Crossbone.

To satisfy my hunger for their music during those five years of no releases, I've collected some live treasures by them, so once you've hooked for the album you can get it here

2006.03.28 - Live bootleg at Sira, Jerusalem
I'm pretty sure it's their debut show

1. Celestial Blues (Andy Bey Cover)
2. הזויים (מע"צ קאבר) - Dazed (Ma'atz Cover)
3. Refuse (Pailhead Cover)
by Yael Meiry
4. הקץ (ישראל קאבר) - The End/Awake (Israel Cover)
5. Auguries of Innocence
6. Celestial Blues (Andy Bey Cover) Reprise

2009.11.24 - Live session at Pnimit Gimel, Radio Kol Ha'kampus

1. Blame Blues
2. בצע כסף (ישראל קאבר) - Greed (Israel Cover)
3. עורבים - Crows
4. דרך - A Path
5. Mother of Liberty (Killing Joke - Implant / The Death and Resurrection Show Cover) --- [Implant part is awesome, great dubby version of this Killing Joke's killer)
6. Stillness
7. להיות אדם (זוהר ארגוב קאבר) - Human Being (Zohar Argov Cover)

2010.11.12 - Live bootleg at Zimmer, Tel Aviv

1. Stillness
2. הדרך - A Path
3. Progress And Order (Gdudei Elkazei Cover)
4. עורבים - Crows
5. Human Factor
6. Auguries of Innocence

2014.07.07 - Live session at Radio Kol Ha'kampus

1. הדרך - A Path
2. Culture Slaves
3. נקמות - Vengeance
by Ariel Efron
4. Stillness
5. Untitled New Song
6. בצע כסף - Greed

1. הזויים - Dazed (With Mafatal)
2. הדרך - A Path
3. עורבים - Crows
4. Untitled
5. Culture Slaves
6. Untitled
7. נקמות - Vengeance
8. Progress & Order 
9. Mother of Liberty 
10. Refuse 
11. למה לא (איציק קלה קאבר)/להיות אדם - Why Not (Itzik Kala Cover)/Human Being

I know there's also a recording of a live show at Patiphone club, from 2009, but I couldn't get my hands on it, so if one of you readers has it and willing to share it.. that'll be kind of you


  1. hey there, cool stuff. Had no idea about this band obviously, music sounds like 90s industrial metal, the vocals really got me :) excited to discover more bands here!

  2. The sound is industrial metal, but the music is so not metallic, and so middle eastern influenced, it's incredible
    I'm a realy groupie of these (as can be seen by the number of bootlegs)
    Anyway thanks Maria, I liked the stuff at your blog too, waiting for more underground Berlin bands