Saturday, December 31, 2016

The Good Things You've Missed on Days 735840-736205 to the Christian Counting

Aka "How I wrote 33 times noise, 14 times black and 9 times experimental"

I actually never thought I will do any kind of list here, but as you can see there's a major lack of posts, so, why not
This ain't exactly the "best of 2016".. I have no intention to include here all the big names you'll see all over again in different ranks in the big sites. My intention is to give more exposure to albums that did not received the attention they deserve, promoting new names.. (not that this blog has so many visits but it's still something). So if you're looking for another copy-paste Pitchfork, or want to see if I ranked David Bowie or Solange in the first or second, than fuck off.

This is pretty huge post, I guess very few are the crazy ones (like me) who'll go one by one on a list like that, so even if you'll just pick a few random ones, I 100% guarantee you'll fall on something that will knock your mind off.
If you are a crazy one, welcome aboard, but before you start make sure you have extra time and extra space in your head for some new names.

So there it is 
(no particular order of course, this ain't no Billboard)

Due to a huge amount of albums, some categories sorting had to be done so it'll be easier for me to write this.
Same reason made me write shortly on each album, so as albums were cut, words were also, sorry (also cause of my shitty english writing)

Mind Ripping Debuts

Los Angeles, California
This trio made a huge leap from their 2013 almost powerviolence, very lo-fi noisy hardcore EP, to their magnificent debut album released by Iron Lung (which had a successful year). Behavior evolved to make a unique noisy approach to post punk, yet didn't forgot how to make chaos when needed. Vocals fits the lyrics, sound fits the music, and I really like the way the albums structure, quiet passages between harsh fast parts, all becoming one unit. 

 Columbus, Ohio
Another US trio, Drose, caught my ear with a mechanic yet soulful piece. The music is a doomish industrial version of noise rock, as said, sound very mechanic, semi-metallic vibes, but Dustin Rose's screams, yells and whispers are so full of emotions it makes a perfect dissonance to the music, his way of singing reminds me Pinkie Maclure's in her Puritans album (the way the music evolve is also similar. Like a mutation Puritans' and Godflesh). Mastered by James Plotkin, what can go wrong..

Sydney, Australia
"This heavily improvised release pushes the boundaries of deconstructionist noise-jazz with departures into doom, grindcore, prog, dub and hip hop. The result is something like the unholy congress of Ornette Coleman, Morbid Angel, Bill Laswell, John Zorn and Bohren & Der Club Of Gore." I'll just add british God. You DON'T wanna miss this.

Copenhagen, Denmark
Here's a new danish act coming up. This sextet is playing a dark cabaretic art punk in vein of Birthday Party (obvious influence on them), and they're doing it pretty damn good. That's not enough for you? well, for me neither, but these guys also have a fucking viola and a tenor sax which makes this album much more interesting. Forget about your innocence.

 Bridgend, Wales
These guys are destined to be big. They created their own revolutionary forumla of mature pure post hardcore, and recorded live as a trio six lengthy tracks. If I had to compare I'd say Self Defense Family took the innovations of Slint's Spiderland and Flipper's low-tempo songs doomish atmosphere and blast it all together in your face.. But really, this is just as innovative as the latter two. The title is welsh, but luckilly the lyrics aren't, written top class. Production and sound draws you in. Masterpiece.

Berlin, Germany 
Native aussie, Carla Dal Forno, made a short, minimalistic, honest and personal debut. Comprised of four melancholic semi-industrial pop tunes, each being separated by a short instrumental ambientish piece. Self-titled song is a personal favorite. Beautiful album.

 Lille, France
Drums-bass-keys instrumental trio blending the popular math rock/metal of these days with circus-esque tunes (bizzaro vibes à la Cardiacs) and with their national zeuhl music (running through their blood I guess). Usually when bands goes in this crazy math direction (sorry folks, not so original anymore), it just creates a massive chaotic-utter-rubbish music. Grüppe has the right formula, C'est Magnifique.

Free jazz duo, comprised of Gonçalo Almeida handling bass and loops and Jörg A. Schneider on drums, with the help of two guests, each on three tracks (trumpet by Susana Santos Silva and baritone sax by Colin Webster). Together this group has made a very tensed, dark atmosphere clever album, feels uncomfortable but drags you in. Almeida bass manipulations are pretty admirable, creating sometimes a pseudo-guitar sound, while Schneider is offering a unique drumming style. I want to see this live.

 Auckland, New Zealand
"Antipodean Gothic" (I don't really know what the hell that means) trio is playing a slow paced post punk, influenced by noise rock (with nods to 80-90's australian stuff). The whole album is running on the same vibe, the song writing is excellent, I like it the most when the drummer girl sings together with guitar player, that's when Civil Union sounds best. 

Brussels. Belgium
I can say two words and it should be enough for you to hear this - Harsh Harp. And if there's something wrong and this doesn't draw you, let us not diss the drummer and bass player here, who's influences (just as their facebook page says) are absolutely hearable - "african music, kraut rock, doom, punk". And if that's not enough for you, than there's clearly something wrong with you..

 Salt Lake City, Utah
Quirky art punk group sounds like a no wave version of Geza X accompanied by The B52's. Album is comprised mostly by short tracks, and as you can guess by the last line, each is a very brief anxious, maniac attack. Suitable artwork is a nice bonus. You were not to blame for you were not you..

 Zürich, Switzerland
This experimental industrial electronic swiss duo comprised of a man and a woman, is actually a project by Dave Phillips but it's so different from other stuff he does, so just listen to the album without having any expectations, I can guarantee a beautiful unique incorporation of various sounds coming together perfectly. Let's just say this one's is pop comparing to his other stuff.

 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Let's just say The Stickmen were some kind philly's answer to the no wave, this next quartet is philly's best answer to ny noise rock. And just like Stickmen weren't exactly no wave, so isn't Humanshapes a usual noise rock act. They incorporate post punk within the music and tend to keep their tracks short, each evolving its own motif, and before it becomes repeatable in your mind they  jumps to the next tune.

 Seattle, Washington
So.. in contrast of what I said before, So Pitted will probably be in the big magz lists (at least I can guess they will, since they're signed to Sub Pop), and I'm still writing them here, and they well desereve it. Brand act, and a good sign by Sub, cause these dudes (and a girl) kick fucking ass. This three hipster-weirdoz create awesome smashing alternative kind of noise rock.

 Strasbourg, France
Ingmar is a french experimental trio, creating free form improvisational music influenced by various genres which results in a very cinematic album. This may also be caused since each of the tracks is inspired by a different movie.

 London, England
I first listened to this cause I loved the cover, and the name, did no preparations, had no idea what to expect. In the first two songs Bruxa Maria played a fierce pissed off combination of post hardcore and noise rock, and right after them by a complete surprise, came the title track, 9 minutes of intimidating noisy industrial music that made me realize there's much more in this great diverse album.

Los Angeles, California
You might know half of this duo, Bobb Bruno, but this is completely different from any of his other projects. Submissions here play psychedelic version on industrial metal, an atmospheric version of late Godflesh mixed with Terminal Cheesecake guitars. Another one mastered by James Plotkin. Make sure you listen to the last track if in some case you didn't listen to the whole thing..

 Austin, Texas
Ultimate noise rock for the year I think, very heavy stuff, clearly influenced by Shellac/Jesus Lizard, but with some light texan vibes, something a bit southern in the guitar perhaps, I donnu. Anyway these guys has already called it a day for some reason, too bad.

Mexico City, Mexico
While touring in Mexico, british Anika formed this group with local musicians. Together they recorded in one take this beautiful album, featuring low-vibes dreamy art indie rock.

Schaffhausen, Switzerland
Hardcore punk/noise rock with some post punk vibes (these words keep coming back huh..) with great bass parts you can actually hear.. I can't compare these guys to no-one right now.. that's how awesome they are.

 Sydney, Australia
Wasn't quite sure if to put Burlap here or in the metal section (yeah that's coming up next), cause this is some heavy-ass-shit noise rock. On some parts they do fuse sludge metal vibes, but mostly it's great noise rock. On some tracks it seems like vocalist Tom McEwen is puking in your ears, How can one not like this album ?!

 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Ultra fuzzy psychedelic space rock duo, surprising with instruments such as flute, sax and percussions. Song writing is pretty varied, and one can even hear bossa-nova like rhythm by the drum machine in Ballad To The Moon.

Leeds, England
Latest addition, added on the buzzer. So it's the one I know least, but it grabbed me good already, tight dual-drums and bass psychedelic/sludge noise rock.

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Into The Woods

 Dublin, Ireland
Amazing new group, formed by former Wound Upon Wound members which made a huge leap forward musically. 5 long tracks, that don't get boring for a moment, very rich production with strong riffing, yet vocals are lay down behind the instruments giving you an old lo-fi BM feeling. I can guess they're influenced by DSO, USBM and post BM.

 London, England
Debut by this sludge/stoner metal group, influenced by progressive metal and post hardcore, the band succeed to stay far from being banal and clearly know what they're doing. And that cover art.. awesome

 Lower Saxony, Germany
While Fäulnis will only release their next album in 2017, Endlos stepped in to fill the void. I can only guess both of these bands are influenced (beside bm of course) by german depro punk which is too underated, and by mixing these together they get a fantastic result.

Graz, Austria
This album is in my opinion one of the post black metal highest points, and this means a lot. In contrast to a lot other bands, this one keeps black metal as its main idea, and gains much less influences by other genres, what may make it likeable even by bm fans who oppose the whole "new black metal wave". The black metal core here is seemed to be rooted deep in DSBM, and by mixing it with some post-rock elements, you get a beautiful emotionally masterpiece. I really like this one, which comes in a thoughtful package and art (you can get a glimpse at their bandcamp).

 Melbourne, Australia
Warning, this one is not for the weak hearted. 60 minutes over 4 tracks only, chaotic psychedelic extreme grinding noise/black metal, sounds like a soundtrack for a nightmare in another dimension, or in other words something you've never heard like before. Remarkable enough, this is a one man project. Again, that's a pretty hard one to digest, but if you have strong guts you'll love it.

Volos, Greece
Just like the name suggests, this is a WITTR vein black metal one man project. 2 above twenty minutes main tracks separated by three ambient/acoustic parts. Even thou the length, it's constantly changing and keeps interesting. A Crown of Clouds On The Mountain's Brow is mesmerizing.

 Bad Segeberg, Germany
All of you pussies who like black metal but can't handle the vox please gather around. What we have here is a beautiful album with clean harmonic vocals just for you. Musically they remind me a lot of one of my favorite german black metal album in the last decade, Jahresringe's second album. This one feels a little bit more messy and too loaded sometimes, but it's their first album so I'll slip it and wait to see what they'll be able to bring next.

New York City, New York
Here's a short break from the bm, Spotlights is a Brooklyn project by housband and wife Mario and Sarah Quintero, and this is their debut (so many debuts, is this some kind of a conspiracy ?!). The Quinteros has already played together in a band called Sleep Lady which isn't so far from what they're playing here, sludgy post metal influenced by shoegaze, "doomgaze" you name it. Beautiful and ethereal.

 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Backed by icelandic D.G., Alex Poole has managed to rise above his first album. This album is dense, chaotic, atonal hellish psychedelic black metal, very harsh and intimitating.

New York City, New York
Another heavy act from Brooklyn, this trio plays authentic sludge doom metal, no messing around. Good massive sound and what I liked the most.. drum roll please... They keep their tracks short, not a second longer than what they need to be.

 Metz, France
New project by Julien Rosenberger who plays all the instruments with vocals by Florian Schall who's been with him together in Yellow King (and in some other Metz scene bands). Great effort of atmospheric bm by two guys who come from worlds outside metal (at least the stuff I heard by them). Mastered by Metz's super-active-man Julien Louvet.

Tampere, Finland
Guitars, vocals, drums by Dark Buddha Rising members, guitar, vocals, bass by Oranssi Pazuzu members. This should save me some words, and if it means nothing to you than you should do some homework...

Portland, Oregon
Trio comprised of the dude from מזמור and two chaps of Ash Borer. This is pure modern black metal, very harsh, raw as shit, spiteful and venomous, yet not simple at all. Beksinki's-like creature on the awesome cover, made by super gifted H.V. Lyngdal (also did the Skáphe one above).

Portland, Oregon
Another Portland act, from the same circle of bands, even share members I think. Not only that's an EP, it was also only released digitally few days ago, but I like it so much I deicide they deserve a place here. Short, thick sound and sick d-beat punk influenced black metal, drums feel a bit compressed and too lo-fi. If hadn't known I'd guess it's from Japan or Finland.. and that's a good thing in my opinion.

 Vienna, Austria
I haven't heard Karg, ever since the first album in 2008, and things have completely changed. I guess V. Wahntraum the man behind the music was un/intentionally effected by his other much more hyped group Harakiri For The Sky. This project made a huge transformation in those 10 years since it's formed, and I really need to fill in some gaps. So here's another glorious post bm record you might haven't heard of this year.

So, for those who unaware, Into The Woods was a blog of mine something like a decade ago which just had a huge amount of black metal downloads. So if it wasn't unclear why the majority of bm in this list, here's your reason (sorry for being so strict in my metal taste) ;)

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Oceania's Mind Rippers

I guess I need to do some explanations here,
The last years when I'm looking for new music, I find myself circulating around the same areas mostly. UK, France and Australia-NZ. These three are being a major part of the music I listen to the last few years. Now, as much as UK and France has a lot to offer, they also have a lot of shit as well. In contrast of Oceania, which most of the new stuff I find from there usually blow my mind.. So I decided (mostly to help me get through this mega post) to make them in a standard category of themselves. Any problem ?

If you read this blog, I bet you know Australia and NZ has a super rich musical history, a little bit beyond AC/DC and The Birthday Party. Seriously now, there's been such a diversity of scenes down under, throughout the years, it could and should easily be the next one in Cope's sampler book series.
Not gonna make a name dropping list here cause it's really unending, but I really think a lot of the Oceania groups among the years, share a unique signature sound.

This era isn't much different, even thou it doesn't get much global exposure, Aus and NZ has much to offer, just to name a few of my favorite acts (which didn't release new music this year) - Ivy St.NailhouseGeneral ManMakingGodswoundsTangled Thoughts of Leaving.

Let's get to the point shall we, here are five more (in addition to the ones from debuts and metal parts) albums I liked this year that I think went way below the radar (I tried to give 5 as diverse as I can)

Hobart, Tasmania
When I first heard the first track, I thought these guys sound like a static, low-energy version of The Van Pelt. But things just got dirtier and more down-vibes with each second, so I had to drop comparison. Great emo-post hardcore/lo-fi indie rock that makes you.. wanna jump out of a cab ?

Adelaide, South Australia
Crooked twitchy The Gordons' like noise rock trio (on the Gordons' less sonic guitar parts). A few songs even incorporate free-jazzy horns  (a clarinet and a trumpet) attacks, played by them, just as you can see visually in Ardrossan.

Melbourne, Victoria
Garage became a huge world phenomena these years, and I usually find it generic, bland and boring. So if you want something different like I did, check these guys, great upbeat garage punk with some gentle parts of alienish synth, garage Devo. Embrace the synth.. These guys really rockin, band of the future ?

 Melbourne, Victoria
First EP for these guys, I guess they got some things to improve, but I really liked the music so thought I should put it here. Pretty repetitive dirty raw post punk with gentle psychedelic noise pop vibes, great songwriting, and a perfect lo-fi sound.

Sydney, New South Wales
They call them self sci-fi rock, futuristic pop, and just to be clear they play a mish mash of every wacky weird band you can think of.. Mothers of Invention, Cardiacs (90's era), Mr. Bungle, you name it..
That's probably the most fun poppy album I ever posted here.. but it's good.

And still, there's so much more, so I also wanna recommend Six Noises' three (!) lists of what NZ had to offer this year (experimental/punk/metal). Except for the obvious like Dead C and Roy Montgomery, you can find there many more gems (tip: check out Avoid!Avoid and The All Seeing Hand).
If you wanna go real deep, just start diggin' these labels (sorry if I forgot any others, just the ones popped to my mind that I try to follow casually, the most interesting ones in my opinion): Art As CatharsisEnd of The Alphabet RecordsHomeless RecordsLacklustre RecordsMelted Ice CreamMuzai, Space RitualTRAITTenth CourtVacant Valley. Enjoy as I do.

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Mind Rippers

Berlin, Germany
Italian duo based in Berlin, this is their second album and I think they are by far one of the most interesting acts in Berlin. Beautiful dark and hypnotizing tribal minimal noise rock.

 Ebeltoft, Denmark
Amazing experimental duo, this albums features elements of noise rock, folk, ambient and a whole lot of atmosphere brought together to create a sinister dark mysterious adventure. It's a good guess to say these guys listen to black metal as well.

 New York City, New York
Influenced by Birthday Party and Gun Club as well, this Brooklyn based trio truly blasted with this one. Bringing their southern roots (Georgia) to the big city, they created an urban story presented by dark music and spitted out words. Fantastic album, their drummer is a beast and I wanna see them live.

Austin, Texas
Another Austin noise rock group, just like Carl Sagan's they're also running for the ultimate noise rock album title. And just as those were compared to Shellac, these guys definitely sends Big Black vibes, metallic guitar sound, albinish vocals. All in all it's just another proof that texans know how to make noise.

So minimalistic yet so effective and powerful, a guitar player (and very little other things) and a vocalist (which sounds like female Eugene Robinson when she's twitching her voice). They play unique beautiful intimate kind of noise/folk rock, and they are a truly hidden french secret waiting to be discovered.

 Birmingham, England
Genuine emo-revival/slowcore group, this will take you sorry ass back the 90's, whether you like it or not.

 Aarhus, Denmark
Grandiose sonic experimental psychedelic noise rock jazz attack with saxophone blowing in your head and an indian instrument called esraj. They also recorded this year a great version of Frankie Teardrop in memory of Vega (their first album also had a great Ghost Rider one).

Lyon, France
Loud math rock led by charismatic ethiopian singer and a wild saxophone is just what you needed. Most of the album tracks are actually covers to old ethiopian songs (re-arranged by guitar player Damien Cluzel) and some were written by him, and unless you know the originals you won't be able to tell the difference. This brilliant man Damien released another album this year with a different project, running on the same principle as Ukandanz, only instead of Ethiopia, you get a trip to Colombia, check'em out- Pixvae.

Toronto, Ontario
Second album recorded in Chicago by no other than Steve Albini, this badass group give you another art punk/noise rock terror attack a-la Birthday Party with some Jesus Lizard. This album makes me think of Kafka but I'm just an idiot who's trying to sound smart so ignore me and listen to this.

Boston, Massachusetts
With a great title (following it's predecessor titled Life Is Murder), and a great cover, Kal Marks' sophomore effort presents us another sludgy noisy take on the oh so lovely indie rock. Not so lovely anymore bitch. Not sure if you're counting but that's the third one in this post mastered by the golden touch James Plotkin.

Athens, Greece
Odos 55 (Route 55) are what Amebix would have sound like if they played darkwave music. Harsh noise synth punks accompanied by dirty snarls with a dystopian atmosphere. I'm not a huge synths fan, but this one a catch, build on the aesthetics of legendary greek band Αντί and made it harsher.

Portland, Oregon
Topping their debut album, this duo is experimenting ethereal doomish dream pop with industrial/electronics effects and they managed to get a pretty unique result. I saw many comparisons to Swans, whether I think they don't sound alike, they do sound like something Gira and Jarboe could have created.

New York City, New York
This Brooklyn trio is exploring and expanding the noise rock unlimited boundaries in a similar way to what Laddio Bolocko did 20 years ago. While Bolockos were usually playing long psychedelic jazzy jams, Big Neck Police maintain it shorter, and play the songs a more "no wave/punk" way (even thou still being without any formative pattern).

Stephan O'Malley and Steve Noble collaborated in Æthenor and as a duo 4 years ago releasing an album called St. Francis Duo. Now they have taken that name to be their new project's, and have already released two albums this year. This is just what you expect it to be, majestic O'Malley drones led by african jazz Noble's drumming. Recorded in St. Francis Church in Philadelphia, what else do you need ?

This northern ship is navigated by wild swedish sax, ravaging danish drums and fierce norwegian guitar. Brutal fearsome out of control chaotic improv noise jazz freakout.

Lyon, France
Trio comprised of people who are connected to many french bands I like, that's who. But what, is a great question. I've listened to this a few times since it was released, and I yet gathered an actual answer to what the hell am I listening. This is a very weird (they sometimes sing in chinese for example) experimental rock trip from birth to death that I've yet fully understand, I like it a lot, but I know that someday soon, I will get the full impact that will blow my mind.

 New Haven, Connecticut
Pure magic, I can't describe this magic in Stefan's music, the same kind of magic Jandek has. It's so simple, shivering lo-fi folk rock-like songs with noise experimentation, nothing much new, yet it's so appealing and mesmerizing.

Vaud, Switzerland
Insanely devastating project created by bass player Loïc Grobéty, is experimeting everything in the range of dark jazz via noise soundscape to black/doom metal/grindcore (less metallic than their previous, yet the atmosphere is well reserved) . Except for drums and bass, this group has unusual bass clarinet and violin playing, you won't believe that's all what you're hearing, and when it get intense, be careful not to shit your pants.

London, England
I know I know, I said no big names, but this "comeback" (blah) album went way under the radar in my opinion, so I had to put the legends here. So we got Smith, Watson and Jobbagy from original line up, joined by Neil Francis (Gnod) and Dave Cochrane to complete this machine and make it running again, and what do you know ? they did it.. the hazy stoner psychedelia stayed as it is, the dub influences reduced, and became more heavy and sludgy, and it sounds modern and fits well with their local scene. Blooooowwwwwwhooouuuuund

Brussels, Belgium
And the last one, positioned last due to aesthetic reasons (the only one not having a bandcamp (!)) are really not least. Joined by new rhythm section thus becoming a trio, Baby Fire's musical roots are laid somewhere in post punk, but honestly they are influenced by many other stuff, making it sound like a beautiful art gloomy doom rock. Sorry there's only one soundcloud song.

Viva La France ! no, seriously, kinda sorry I didn't made a separate part for France as well, what a great year for french scene, I had so many great stuff from there I cut out..
Only full lengths, so sorry Uniform, Negative SpaceKaspar Hauser, Intensive CareZłota Jesień, Lower Slaughter and all the other short stuff that banged my ears this year.

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Local Swamp

If you know some israeli underground you've probably heard of Kruzenshtern I Parohod, a long running avant garde group ranging through klezmer to jazz to metal to noise. But a change of style demands a change of name. It's not really a change of style.. you can hear all those influences in.. so more of a direction change. Going back to it's core trio, the group directed to make "modern baroque music, with new sound" (according to main man Igor Krutogolov). 2 tracks over twenty minutes each, you need a bit patience, but it totally pays off. (Strike four for James Plotkin).
I said no order or ranks, but this is exceptional, The is my favorite Israeli album in 2016!

"Black Flowers" is a project by two men, one is Binyamin Oren which is making "light" electronic sampling music many years mainly under pseudonym Kinoro Shel Rothschild and is founder of defunct label Miklataklitim. The second man Shlomi Hatuka came for an other world, he's a poet and a social activist, and apparently plays flute. Together they recently released their first album I've been waiting a long time for, thrilling KSR music with socio-spoken word.

Formed as a duo name Tape & Rape, they became a trio and changed their name, and managed to became even heavier than how they were. This is their second release, "EP" (clocking over 30 minutes), which consists of 5 disturbed grungy stoner rock/sludge metal tracks. Bonus points for singing in hebrew in Muddy Feel (and doing it good).

Debut by Neomi Hashmonay has mainly gain it's fame thanks to the honest and personal texts, so I'm not sure if any non-hebrew speaker has what to look for here. The music is beautiful either, well produced varied-influences alternative rock, but I honestly think it suppose to come in one fully thought package with the texts. And what are those about ? mostly about questions, thoughts and conflicts she gathered during her life ranging from religious to non and back to religious life again. Except for their content, she has a very rich language, and a unique way to use it, rare sight these days.

This album was made by two young talented girls who just KICK ASSES. Garage punk with some indie/folk in some songs (one of them girls even plays banjo). They often get compared to riot grrrl groups, but honestly I like to think about them as a local less gross more punk version of Teddy & The Frat Girls.

Another garage duo, but completely different one. Two guys who have been before in black metal bands ten years ago (if I'm not confusing with other guys, sorry if so) and move from that to make (surprise) hazy dreamy garage coated with shoegaze, result is pretty damn professional, but they sing in russian (in case you care).

I've stumbled this one while pathing my way through bandcamp, Danny Hadar and Einav Morim. Danny's name I know since I know his music, and to be honest I'm not quiet a fan, so I clicked it with no expectations. Usually when I find new music, I tend to hear a song or two and if good, save it for later, but this one just went through in one piece, beginning to end, and as a matter a fact, it was played twice. A private album by husband and wife, who guide you through personal stories, backed by some "indie scenesters" playing simple artistic rock. Just like Neomi's case, if you're not speaking hebrew I guess you won't care for it, but if you do, check it out.

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I've tried to maintain a certain of diversity (as much as I can), and probably forgot a some albums, so sorry for the dozens left behind.

Again, a lot of albums I loved aren't here, this is not "the best of" neither "year's favorites". This is "the albums that didn't get enough attention as they should" !
No need to ask where is X.. I loved all those you were about to ask, from Esperanza Spalding chit-chatting with Jenny Hval about Angel Olsen in an Autumn For Crippled Children, from Fat White Family leaning on Car Seat Headrest, and Oranssi Pazuzu raping The Body of Anohni and Emma Ruth Rundle simultaneously (I can stop now, right ? you got my point.. all these.. are great.. I love'm, but.. they got reviewed so many times, you know all these names, is there any reason for me to tell you about them?).
Thank YOU for reading,
E-N-J-O-Y and S-U-P-P-O-R-T your favorite ones


  1. Thanks Dear, it'll take me ages to cover all of this, "You Know What it's Like"...:) that's how far I got, sounds very special and I loved the one before too.

    1. Rope are brilliantly talented, I'm eagerly waiting to see what else they'll produce

    2. Glad you enjoy :) any favorites by now ?

  2. no, but today i've been focosing on Big Neck Police (don't eat my friends).

    1. Than you are quiet close to finish !
      Thanks for checking stuff up Tami, really appreciate it