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Yuppies With Jeeps - Yuppies With Jeeps

Daniel Kiczales, Noam Yaish.
I think it's from 2002, but that's earliest one I have
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Yuppies With Jeeps are a jerusalem duo, which released 3 albums during a period of more than a decade. They became a real cult thing for proto-hipsters with their first one (2002) and made a lot of anticipation feelings at their fans with every new album they released.
Honestly, I'm not among their biggest fans, not sure why, maybe because of their weird oriental folk music which makes me think of a bad combination between Beefheart and gagaku music, maybe because I'm not intellectual enough to get their lyrics (I bet 80% of their fans don't get it either), maybe it's the sometimes whiny vocals, and maybe it's just not really that good and those proto-hipsters I mentioned were just looking for a new messiah at the time.
Over the time I learned to appreciate their debut album very much. Maybe someday I will like their next two.
 Anyway, this post is about their first EP, something not a lot of people know, and I think it can interest both fans, people who don't know them, and people like me who knows but not much cherish. Released in 1999 by Fact Records, consisting 5 tracks of the group's early experiments. Semi electronic tracks with cultural samples (Whiteboyday, Japanese In Cotton, Muppets), a noisy rock track with features some elements of their future work, specially the singing (Moron In A Suit), and a beautiful folk rock song (Ocean) which I think is one of Daniel Kiczales's (the singer) finest works.

1. ואייטבוידאי (Whiteboyday)
2. דביל בחליפה (Moron In A Suit)
3. יפניות בצמר גפן (Japanese In Cotton)
4. מאפפטס (Muppets)
5. אוקיאנוס (Ocean)

Self titled EP

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