Saturday, December 31, 2016

The Good Things You've Missed on Days 735840-736205 to the Christian Counting

Aka "How I wrote 33 times noise, 14 times black and 9 times experimental"

I actually never thought I will do any kind of list here, but as you can see there's a major lack of posts, so, why not
This ain't exactly the "best of 2016".. I have no intention to include here all the big names you'll see all over again in different ranks in the big sites. My intention is to give more exposure to albums that did not received the attention they deserve, promoting new names.. (not that this blog has so many visits but it's still something). So if you're looking for another copy-paste Pitchfork, or want to see if I ranked David Bowie or Solange in the first or second, than fuck off.

This is pretty huge post, I guess very few are the crazy ones (like me) who'll go one by one on a list like that, so even if you'll just pick a few random ones, I 100% guarantee you'll fall on something that will knock your mind off.
If you are a crazy one, welcome aboard, but before you start make sure you have extra time and extra space in your head for some new names.

So there it is 
(no particular order of course, this ain't no Billboard)

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Yuppies With Jeeps - Yuppies With Jeeps

Daniel Kiczales, Noam Yaish.
I think it's from 2002, but that's earliest one I have
Still breathing :) Sorry for lack of posts, I don't really have time to operate this as I thought I would

Yuppies With Jeeps are a jerusalem duo, which released 3 albums during a period of more than a decade. They became a real cult thing for proto-hipsters with their first one (2002) and made a lot of anticipation feelings at their fans with every new album they released.
Honestly, I'm not among their biggest fans, not sure why, maybe because of their weird oriental folk music which makes me think of a bad combination between Beefheart and gagaku music, maybe because I'm not intellectual enough to get their lyrics (I bet 80% of their fans don't get it either), maybe it's the sometimes whiny vocals, and maybe it's just not really that good and those proto-hipsters I mentioned were just looking for a new messiah at the time.
Over the time I learned to appreciate their debut album very much. Maybe someday I will like their next two.
 Anyway, this post is about their first EP, something not a lot of people know, and I think it can interest both fans, people who don't know them, and people like me who knows but not much cherish. Released in 1999 by Fact Records, consisting 5 tracks of the group's early experiments. Semi electronic tracks with cultural samples (Whiteboyday, Japanese In Cotton, Muppets), a noisy rock track with features some elements of their future work, specially the singing (Moron In A Suit), and a beautiful folk rock song (Ocean) which I think is one of Daniel Kiczales's (the singer) finest works.

1. ואייטבוידאי (Whiteboyday)
2. דביל בחליפה (Moron In A Suit)
3. יפניות בצמר גפן (Japanese In Cotton)
4. מאפפטס (Muppets)
5. אוקיאנוס (Ocean)

Self titled EP

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Not only there will be no posts during March, nor will I respond mails or comments, sorry !
Hopefully on April I will have time for new posts, since as you can see, I barely do

יצאתי לשחק בחיילים ומסכנים בחסות משטר הכיבוש, אני אהיה בגוש אי-ציון, אם מישהו באיזור ורוצה לבקר, ממתקים יתקבלו בברכה, אבנים בהבנה

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Embryo - Vagabunden Karawane

Posting documentaries is not something I thought I will, but this is a request by Archaic Inventions's Bence, and why not helping a fellow blogger if I can
So this is krautrock band Embryo's documentation of their 78-79 trip/tour in the far east
German speaking, no subtitles, but there is barely speaking here, mostly music, so if you're a fan of Embryo, check it out

Eins, Zwei, Drei, Vier (extract all in same folder and it should work)

Monday, February 8, 2016

Moonsorrow - Live At Lutakko, Jyväskylä, Finland

I was making some room on my PC, and decided that instead of holding all those Moonsorrow bootlegs I have I'll just post them over here and get them off my library. So originally this was intended to be a huge Moonsorrow post, I mean, real huge, 3 video bootlegs and 6.5 audio bootlegs I collected within the many years I'm a fan.
This plan was easily "ruined" by this amazing collection (much respect), which already shared all the stuff I was about to upload for many hours..
So this post will contain that 0.5 bootleg I mentioned in the above count, the only thing I got which is not appearing on the published bootleg list, with the only intention to be added to this list, cause if you're looking for a Moonsorrow bootleg, check the other better quality ones, not this..

Markus Eurén, Henri Sorvali, Marko Tarvonen
Ville Sorvali, Mitja Harvilahti
Live At Lutakko, Jyväskylä, Finland (08.04.2004)

Tracks 1-4 are missing unfortunately, audio is pretty bad
5. Ukkosenjumalan Poika
6. Unohduksen Lapsi
7. Sankaritarina
8. Tulkaapa Äijät
9. Pakanajuhla

Moonsorrow are a band often been overlooked by metalheads, being misjudged by genre and area, a lot of people think they play the same happy jumpy folka as Finntroll/Korpoklaani/etc.. Well no, these guys make brilliant progressive pagan black metal hymns, each and every time.
If you haven't check them to date, give it a shot with their most epic effort, two tracks V: Hävitetty. I bought that album when it came out already being a familiar with all their previous albums, but hell, what a surprising album, I can't remember another album that dropped my jaw like this one.

Thursday, February 4, 2016

The Blue Daisies - Wilt

Only recorded material by Los Angeles group, really great stuff, post punk/industrial/art rock/something, Dead Kennedys/Circus Mort/Slab/Someone
Formed in 1982 by Nic Greene (guitars) and Nate Scoble (guitars, vocals), joined by Brad Laner (drums) who was replaced by Steve Stain, Jeffrey Poe (vocals, percussion) and Hoagie K Hill (bass).
If you have any interesting info 'bout them, photos or live recordings, please share !

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Plastic Venus - Live at Roxanne, Tel Aviv, Israel

Ronit Bergman, Diamond, Hagar Magen, Yoram Gur
Even if you don't know or care who Plastic Venus are, you should definitely check this bootleg cause it contains one of the greatest cover songs ever recorded (swear to god), astonishing performance of The Sound's Winning.

Now with this being said, let me introduce to you local noise rock/shoegaze pioneers, Plastic Venus, formed in 1990, who released the following year their self titled debut album (which was actually a full live performance). Re-issued as cd in 2001 with bonus tracks. Re-issued again in 2012 as an addition to a short documentary about them.

All of these are sold out as far as I know, but the reason I won't post that great piece of music is that it supposed to be re-issued once again! this time by Captured Tracks, which I hope will happen soon. (anyway it's pretty easy to find it online, be sure that you'll check if you don't know it)
Edit: so long has passed and no news about the re-release, BUT, you can check this masterpiece on their own bandcamp! be sure you that!

1991 album is the only release of the first line up, including Yoram Gur (guitars), Ronit Bergman (vocals), Hagar Magen (bass) and Ilan "Diamond" Abramovitch (drums). Later on the group figured out they have nothing to look for in Israel, packed their stuff minus drummer and moved to London in 1993, where they released their second album, the much more shoegaze oriented Helven Park.

Live at Ha'gada Ha'smalit, 1991
Instead of the debut, I'll share with you another live show by the classic line up
Live bootleg at Roxanne, Tel Aviv (16.08.1992 or 02.1992 not quiet sure)
1. רק אם תחבק (Only If You'll Hug)
2. TV
3. משהו לא בסדר (Something's Wrong)
4. Kiss
5. 13
6. מוקיון של אלוהים (God's Clown)
7. מרזב (Gutter)
8. Yes
9. Winning (The Sound Cover)
10. מלאך (Angel)

Saturday, January 30, 2016


Michael Allen, Gary Asquith, Marco Pirroni, Marc Cox, Max

I didn't made a 2015 best of list (but be sure it wouldn't be so replicating like all others, jesus, this is the easiest age to find new music by yourself and everyone seems to just get their taste from the same place) nor did I make an 2016's most anticipated, but if I would, Rema-Rema would be on the top of it.

Yap, you read good, Rema-Rema, 2016 ! Legendary short living London group is releasing on upcoming summer a new album, compilation of unreleased studio recordings recorded before Wheels In The Roses (during 1978-1979).
Just so you'll have any clue of what treats are coming up to you ears (not that you don't know it already if you've heard the EP) here are two live bootlegs

1979 - Live at Lyceum, London (not quiet sure it's really at Lyceum)

Marco Pirroni, Max, Mick Allen
1. Short Stories
2. Christopher
3. Feedback Song
4. Laurence Harvey
5. Why Ask Why ? (Cut in the end)

1979.04.26 - Live at Acklam Hall, London

1. Feedback Song
2. Laurence Harvey
3. Why Ask Why ?
4. Short Stories
5. Christopher
6. Entry
7. Rema-Rema

The last two years have already saw some unreleased Rema-Rema recording, released as 7" and 12" by Inflammable Material.

Monday, January 25, 2016


Guy Katz, Ant Weiss, Michael Gorodinsky, Sergey Engel
ZOA, Tel Aviv, 1998
Ausweis were a Jerusalem band, comprised of teens who did aliyah (google it) from the USSR to Israel among with many soviets during the 90's. As foreigners who don't speak the language, and coming out of different culture and education, they didn't fit in, and felt out of their place. So was their music. Ausweis didn't fit into any local scene and were very isolated musically.

Formed by vocalist Anton Weiss in 1994 after meeting guitarists Eddie Korshonsky (who passed away, died of a heart attack before the first rehearsal) and Sergey Stephanoff.
Sergey brought Gena Yashinsky (drums), and this line up was supported by Ilia Mazya (who was playing in another russian band called Peregrin Krol) on bass for a one show.
Sergey Engel joined later that year, as permanent bass player. Another thing he contributed was "punk terminvox", an electric device he created while being young, which makes noise once fingers touch it and electricity start to flow, the terminvox was mostly played by Anton.
Second guitarist, Jenya Hermatzki joined for a short time somewhere between 1994-95, and was replaced by Guy Katz, who eventually became only guitar player when Stephanoff left to Canada.
The band saw two more drummers during their existence, Ofer Melech (95-96) and Michael Gorodinsky as the last one.
Ausweis described their music as "Ambient Hardcore Jazz-Trash Band" and I'm not gonna argue, but if it was up to me I'd just said experimental funk metal and call it a day. Someone once said their music sounds like a blend of Helmet, Klaus Nomi and Rammstein, all I can add is you should put some more ingredients in the blender if you want the right recipe for what they sound like. is their debut and only official release, recorded in December 1997, released a year later by local label Earsay, thanks to a guy named Michael Merese (the stoner looking guy in the documentary below) who got the money to fund it and helped a lot to promote the band. Also contributed guitars was Dave K. of the band Rabies Caste

1. Comiraden (contains samples of Maria Ulyanova as vocals)
2. Inside
3. Carpenter
4. Twist
5. Hurt
6. Vint 2
7. Pain Killer
8. Trackrek
9. Working Class Hero (John Lennon Cover)
10. Vint 3
11. מוות (Death)

Meanwhile, while the album slowly gets to your music library, you can watch this great short-documentary by Duki Dror, released in 1999, after Ausweis were already dead (english translation)

Now, here is their (very unofficial) "discography" for you rarities seekers

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Daisuck & Prostitute - Daisuck & Prostitute

Those of you who were reading back in the days the legendary Mutant Sound are probably familiar with Daisuck & Prostitute, a psychedelic noisy rock group, which sounds like Friction jamming with James Chance & The Contortions in a Tokyo lunatic asylum.
This is their first self titled EP, released back in 1980, consisting the same line up you heard on the full length only with different drummer.
Contains 4 songs, 3 are early versions of the full length songs (Soshite Street will be titled そしてストリート・カーはゆっくり走る), with only one song unique for this one (Frogs)

    There it is, enjoy

Saturday, January 16, 2016


Mentioning Scott Kiehl's drumming on last post regarding Sweet Tooth, made me want to post some rarities by the band which caused him to move from Illinois to England, Slab!
This post is for Slab's enthusiasts.. if you don't know Slab!, just go listen to Descension before you check this.. and if you do know, and don't like, than just get the fuck out.

Dissatisfied with Robin Risso's unable to improvise, the one who drums on their maverick debut Descension, experimental industrial metal (which is the only way I can think which won't offend Stephen Dray to describe Slab!) decided to find a new fellow to join in. Chris Baker who also contributed drums before, suggested his friend Scott, saying he is the only man who can fit that job.
Eventually, Scott flew to Chicago just to come back with a native friend, Lou Ciccotelli, to record Slab's second album Sanity Allergy, which saw Scott playing bass, and Lou drumming.
Bill Davies, Robin Risso, Paul Jarvis
Stephen Dray, Dave Morris (Descension)
Only Slab recording to feature Scott on drums is their 3rd Peel Session, which was recorded between the two albums, included very heavy early version Sanity Allergy's Last Detail, a brutal-fierce version of Descension's Big Sleeper, and two unpublished songs

1988-02-21 - 3rd Peel Session

1. Last Detail
2. Bride of Sloth
3. Big Sleeper
4. Killer For A Country

Stephen Dray - Vocals, Saxophone
Paul Jarvis - Guitar
Dave Morris - Guitar
Bill Davies - Bass
Scott Kiehl - Drums
Hugh Rawson - Trumpet

Later on, after being not satisfied with Sanity Allregy due to some reasons (even though I think it's a great album), the band sort of fell apart, forcing Stephen and Paul too look for new members. This next line up is documented in single Death's Head Soup, and also in a live bootleg which presents some Sanity Allergy songs with a more psychedelic feel
Paul Jarvis, Lou Ciccotelli, Dave Morris,
Scott Kiehl, Stephen Dray (Sanity Allergy)

1989 - Live in Hultsfred, Sweden

1. Land of The Midnight Sun
2. Switchback Ride
3. You're Not Alone
4. Last Detail

Stephen Dray - Vocals
Paul Jarvis - Guitar
Nick Page - Guitar
Boleslaw Usarazewski - Bass
Rob Allum - Drums

Next up Nick left the band, to make place for Graham Sherman an NME journalist, which according to Slab's very informative and well written biography by Stephen Dray, was their finest era, and if by any chance you have recordings of this line up, please share.
I'm also looking for 2nd Slab! Peel Session, which was avilable through Head Heritage forums some years ago and now link's dead.

2019.03.06 Update: I present, 2nd Slab! Peel Session

Friday, January 8, 2016

Sweet Tooth

Dave Cochrane, Scott Kiehl, Justin Broadrick
So you like Head of David.. that's great, me too
Their last album ? yeah I don't like it either
What ?! Justin Broadrick leaving ? no he had nothing to do with the fact they gone crap, he's been drumming for HOD some months and nothing more.. It was their brilliant bass player-founder Dave Cochrane departure that led to such a bummer album.
And while his friends in HOD worked on that boring poppy industrial effort, he was releasing his first album with his new band, which also included Justin Broadrick, if that's what'll make you listen to this.

Sweet Tooth were really brilliant band in my opinion, a Birmingham trio of youngsters, not older than 21, who released a "mini-LP" and a live album during their short existence. Dave provided the same ferocious sludgy bass as he did in HOD, plus being in charge of the vocals, which is sort of whispers being shouted from the abyss of hell. This time they realized Broadrick will contribute much more to the sound if he'll get a guitar in his hands instead of sticks, delivering jarring metal tunes. And so the sticks were held by Scott Kiehl, who came all the way from Chicago circa 1987 to join other british heavy-sound band Slab!
Their sound can definitely be recognized as Post-HOD, but their approach to songs was different, instead of playing repetitive monotonous songs, Scott's jazzy-proggy drumming style leads the songs to a whole other level. And I got to add that's his drums, sound so heavy, and so freakin' good.

Soft White Underbelly, released in August 1990, was their debut, including only 6 "sonic attacks" (that's the promo sheet saying, and damn righteous) recorded at Falconer studios in london and produced by Grant Showbiz

1. Fat City
2. Kitty Fists
3. Sugar Cane
4. Ultimate Muscle Bible
5. Reducer
6. Soul Shark

Get it here (Lossless version can be found in comments, since I uploaded it for someone anyway)

Three years later they released a live album called Crash Live, recorded at Kilburn National Ballroom in London, live mix was done by John Gurney, and although bass is pretty unhearable in the noisy parts, the sound is pretty good, and I enjoy this album as it was their second one (it's even longer than the first

1. King Carrion
2. Sandman
3. Crash
4. Fat City
5. Sugar Cane
6. Suckerpunch
7. Iceman (Kitty Fists' last part extract)
8. Dragnet

Get it here (Lossless version in comments below)

I am also aware of a live recording of Sweet Tooth in TicToc Club, Coventry, where they support Loop,
but never manged to find that bootleg, so if you have and willing to share with a brother, Shark Bless You
Live at TicToc Club, Coventry