Tuesday, January 26, 2021

The Bigots - Artificial Head

Not dead yet, and not in a very chatty mood, but hadn't post in quite a while so a short one as usual.
These folks were a trio active around mid-late 90's, London, mostly the Bull & Gate venue scene. 
The group consist of two Israeli fellows, Dotan Cohen (gtr, vox) and Shmil Frankel (bass), and a mystery drummer who's identity I do not know (sry). 
This here is their only (unreleased) full length album, I assume recorded around '99, sent to me with the blessing of Dotan, so thank you sir. They also recorded (and released) an EP called Silence (which I never got) and participated in compilation called The Mercy Killing Of Tarantula Pie (which I'll post soon).
Some pretty sweet post hardcore noise rock, Scratch Acid-Jesus Lizard thingy, done pretty well.
Shmil Frankel, Dotan Cohen, ???

1. The Hit
2. Eye Ball
3. Margarine Man
4. Night Walk
5. Artificial Head
6. Dead Or Alive
7. Collect The Prize
8. Jump Up
9. Intention To Kill
10. Sweet Sister Paranoia

Lossless rip, thank you Dotan

If you have anymore info, or a rip of the Silence EP, share with us. 
They deserve to get some digital recognition. Enjoy.

Oh, and on a different note: FUCK YOU BLOGGER for changing your editing option. It has now became a bigger pain in the ass to write posts. Good job morons.

Thursday, October 8, 2020

No Fun - No Fun

Carty Bledsoe
Live at Galt House, Louisville, July 1978
Way before common people (like me) heard of a place called Louisville thanks to some fine bands growing there, the roots to that scene were engraved by a few art school students who played in a raw queery art punk band for a short period in 1978, called No Fun. 
Their sole recording known to moi is this demo recorded at Gary Falk's Studio, in August that year. Three of those were released in 2007 in a local compilation called Bold Beginnings.

1. Dog Age
2. Answer/Consummation 
3. Evasive Measures
4. She
5. Space Visitor
6. Breaking Glass (Missing track!)
7. Minimum Security

Right after recording, band members Tony Pinotti (Guitar, Vocals) and Bruce "Future" Witsiepe (Guitar, Vocals) moved to New York City and formed one my favorites acts, Circle X, who'm I posted here before (Various Unreleased). You can definitely hear they picked up right where they left.
Drummer Dean Thomas also left Kentucky and joined Levi And The Rockats when those were in the States. 
Tara Key (Guitar, Vocals) formed another great group called Babylon Dance Band (I'll probably post them somewhen) while bassist Carty Bledsoe got back to her art.

Carty Bledsoe, Bruce Witsiepe, Dean Thomas, Tony Pinotti, Tara Key
 Live at Galt House, Louisville, July 1978

If one can hook a brother with the missing track, or any other material by the group, please do !


Bambara have based themselves as one of my favorite groups in the recent years, with a dazzling Three of a Kind incredible albums. I've talked about my admiration for them at least once here before, when they started to gain some more fame with their 2006 Swarm.
Most of their releases are available through bandcamp, except two early albums, for whatever the reasons are, and this post joins in the series of posts I now title "clearing albums I will never listen to off my PC, and are recommended for groupies/curiousity only". Already done this kind of posts before so I'm repeating myself here- If you by any chance never heard these guys, these albums are not where you should be starting, not because they're bad or something, but just far from representing what this band is capable of, and doing today.

If you haven't looked it up, you probably won't have a clue how long this trio is active. Reid brothers and Brookshire are working together since 2001, when they where young teens in Athens. Their perseverance is something I truly admire, they worked hard for many years and now I believe fruits are being paid off. I also love the fact you can hear through their music the process of them growing up and gaining musical influences, style changes, maturity, evolving their sound.

Debut release (actually, they've released in 2006 an album under the name 23Jinx, never heard it though) was this self titled, released when they were only 20 I believe. By far the most different one from today's Bambara, but you can still hear some glimpses. Recorded when they were still in Georgia, this one has much more alternative rock/21st century emo post hardcore vibes to it. Not bad at all, considering the young age and all.

2008 - Bambara

1. Clouds Around Our Feet
2. Shake
3. Lullay
4. Someone's Ghost
5. In The Palace Of TVs And Chairs
6. Ferocious Beasts At Play
7. Snakes In Our Hair
8. Rattling On The Cusp
9. Morning Dye
10. Native Tongue

Next came the last EP, before moving to New York City. Making the move towards post punk, pretty bad production.

2010 - Dog Ear Days

1. Repeat After Me
2. Drag Hesitation
3. Stay Gray
4. Feed The Pigs
5. Swim With The Trees
6. Chiromancy

As said, if you wanna listen to Bambara, check Swarm-Shadow On Everything-Stray 'trilogy'. 
And give them your full support, these guys deserve it.
They had a pretty good momentum, hope that virus won't stop them.

Sunday, August 9, 2020

D-Smile - Kiss

Short lived group formed by two sisters and three other guys who've been in and out a few more known groups around that time. Nothing too shabby here, very 90's, catchy grungy noise rock, if you're really in need for more of this kind, go ahead.
Probably some (not more than five) people are looking for this, so.. enjoy.

1. Come On
2. Oh Lover
3. Come On The Bird
4. Spiritual Whore
5. Peace Time
6. Vitamin See
7. Don't Leave Me
8. Streets Of N.Y.
9. Turn The Light
10. T.V Song
11. Calling To The Child

Join The Kiss Army

Monday, July 27, 2020


Just two live sets by フリクション some might have trouble finding online.

Recorded by the classic trio at Kanagawa University (Kanagawa, Japan) on 1980.05.25.
160kbps but audio is pretty good for 1980's live recording. The better show between the two.
Re-released in 2007 under Friction Live, Pass Tour '80.

1. Time Smoke
2. Big-S
3. A-Gas
4. Cycle Dance
5. No Thrill
6. 100 Nen
7. Ikigire
8. Automatic Fru.
9. Out
10. Kagayaki

Recorded by the second incarnation at "Japan Japan Festival" in Rome on 1984.08.28.
Lossless rip. This was previously released back in 1985, with shorter setlist, this release includes as far as I know the full show.

1. Intro
2. Ikigire (Out of Breath)
3. Pick Up
4. New Baby's
5. New Sensation
6. Defence
7. Easy
8. Cushion
9. Crazy Dream