Tuesday, November 1, 2022

Convulsif Big Band

When I made a list of 2016 releases you shouldn't miss, Convulsif made their first appearance here on the blog. 6 years later and I still love these guys. You can find most of their discography on their bandcamp page, all their recordings as a quartet.

What's not there is their first incarnation, the Big Band, and it's pretty hard to find online as well. So here I am.. I think they formed around 2009, by Loïc Grobéty. They had some kind of ever changing line-up concept at that time, which was abandoned as they fixed on the current quartet.

2011 - 1

- Guido Wyss / drum
- Sébastien Aegerter / vibraphone
- Gregor Vidic / baritone sax
- Marc Jufer / sax tenor
- Loïc Grobéty / bass
- Stéphane Loup / guitars
[not part of this recording but also around that time, - Benjamin Pluss / vocals]

My PC file says it's from 2013, but intertnet says 2011, internet wins.
I think it's a live recording of a show, one longass track.
Know that this is pretty different from the quartet, much less brutal and heavy, a lot more atmospheric jazz. But still retain some metallic ideas that would appear later on.
Goes through different segments, some slow and smooth, some free jazz crazylike.

2013 - 2

- Martin Perret / drums
- Matthieu Amstutz / drums
- Christian Müller / clarinet + electronics
- Loïc Grobéty / bass + electronics + K7
- Gregor Vidic / baritone saxophone
- Marc Jufer / saxophone tenor + soprano
- Stéphane Loup / guitar + electronics

Double CD.
The first is almost the same length as on the first album, and starts with the same segment, but continues different, so I guess it's another live recording from the same era, same vibes and atmosphere. The second one is mostly pure drone noise for you abstract lovers.

Thursday, October 6, 2022

Konstrukt - Dis-Co

Found this on my PC, no idea where I got it from. Ultra sludge dirty powerviolence from Vienna, can't get much uglier than this. Couldn't find lot of info about these guys, in fact, couldn't find more of their releases except this split right here and very few other short tracks on youtube.

The download file has only one track, the full vinyl rip, both sides. I have no idea even what type of file this is (some unknown extension), but just play it with your media player, it works fine for me.. 
I actually tried to create time stamps but gave up fairly quickly (The Doors cover is on 08:44 (i think)  the Deep Purple one is on 30:04, if you care).
Also included are some cover photos taken by some guy who's selling this vinyl on ebay, so thanks man.

is hardcore dead? hardcore is disco...just become extinct

Sunday, September 25, 2022

Infected - Breathe

Infected Mushroom (not the trance duo) was formed in a small Israeli town called Nahariya, released an album called Don't Panic in 1993 and broke up. Pretty soon after some of them moved to London and started Infected.
If you want to check that first incarnation you can get the album's re-released CD version (shorter than the original cassette) in this awesome dead blog (please come back).. personally I always had a mixed feeling about that one, it's a weird one, even for me. Avantgarde goth/post punk/funk metal idk, Bauhaus-Primus-Cardiacs, they didn't stop there, pretty diverse. Sometimes it works sometimes it doesn't.
Shachaf Barkai, Amir Shoat, Jon Acker at Bull & Gate , 1994
Photo by Mick Mercer*

Anyways, we're here to talk about the London trio, which I have much more sympathy towrads. Amir Shoat (vocals) and Jon Acker (bass, synths and drum programming) were both the founders of the original group, they were joined by Shachaf Barkai (guitar) who also participated as a guest on Don't Panic. The three were a bit more focused this time, and embraced the goth-industrial influences to the end (I don't mean they've gone straight up Skinny Puppy by saying that). It's still weird, still very unusual, and great all the way doing their own thing.
They were active mostly around Camden Town, especially The Bull & Gate club, between 1993-'96, and recorded a couple of tracks which were compiled to their sole release, Breathe. I think it was released on tape in 1996, but I only have a CD version which says 1999, so I ain't really sure.

I need to get a new scanner..

1. Shake [1993]
2. Breathe [1993]
3. Happy [1993]
4. Grey [1994/95]
5. Toxic [1993]
X. Winelight [bonus track I added, taken from Fuckin' Hardfloor Volumes 1+2 Compilation, 1995]

"Breathe" (Lossless rip)

*That awesome pictures up there by Mercer was stolen from the Bull & Gate facebook group page, where, if you bother to search, you'll find many more by him and some flyers. Mercer actually published a photo book of them.

Friday, August 19, 2022

Brutal - Bullshit, Attitude, And EXPERIENCE

This blog looks even uglier without a scanner
Four guys from Grangemouth/Falkirk (perhaps ?):
F.B. Coltrane (Brian Guthrie I think, Robin's brother and head of the label to release this- Anoise Annoys), Dogbite, Cheg and Bebop.
"Special thanks to Bigwar on track 2 and Russell McEwan on track 6. Sample sources, with thanks all round includes "The Cowboys", "Star Trek", "The Trial of The Chicago Eight", "The Day Today", "L.A. Law", "The Commancheros", "The Searchers" plus odd moments of David Essex, Sammy Davis JNR and Phil Harris".
Industrial rock, breakbeat with some Stretchheads angry energy. If you like Meat Beat Manifesto and such. Good stuff here.


More info ?

Thursday, July 14, 2022


So.. I kinda forgot to scan the cover
I'll get it done someday

2006 - MW (lossless)

The first one is just pure sonic blast mostly. Ultra-raw and heavy, sludge-noise metal.
Primitive Neurosis with Skullflower noise level and Killing Joke backbone.
The obvious better one among the two, don't miss it.

1. I Don't Kill You
2. For David
3. The Calling Out Of Soldier's Mind
4. Sencitive (My Soul)
5. Who's Next
6. The Deadly Friends (R.I.P)

2010 - M.A.R.K.Z (lossless)

Is much weirder. The line-up changed completely except for Kan (vox), and although the first track is written by Hyo Kagawa (who was the guitar player on the first album, and wrote all of it's tracks), the music is drastically different.
This is like a pub band is jamming that same sludge-noise metal (oh yes, it's still heavy), feeling liberated to go where ever they want (Ska beats, East Bay Ray surf punk guitar, you name it), especially the bass player (the best thing on this album) with his in your face bass lines after bass lines. Great remix by Balata at the end.
Could have been better with some guidance at the recording probably.

1. Cancer
2. Murasaki
3. Black Rainbow
4. Waltz
5. Hate Song
6. Black Rainbow (Monke¥ Wa$ Dubbed Remix)

Thanks to Zager for lending me his copies.