Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Rabies Caste ‎– Children Can Fall Into Bucket And Drown

Russell, Dale Rabid, Dave K.
Dear nature, thank you for bringing upon us a new virus, to help us reduce and balance our unthoughtful and selfish overbreeding, and for what seems to be an amusing upcoming socio-economical chaos to break the boring life routine, thanks to the hysterical morons. I only wish that instead of those lame flu symptoms, perhaps you could have made it a bit cooler ? some kind of nerve system-hard to trace virus, something brutal and violent.. something like, I donnu..

Rabies Caste are showing signs of life lately (you can follow on their facebook page) and updated that they are re-releasing their '98 debut magnum opus, For The Vomiting Tractor Drivers, for the first time on vinyl (suppose to happen this May, through Dada Drumming).
In order to celebrate all of the above, here's one of their long sought early demos, provided straight from the personal cassette collection of Mr. Rani Zager, a mentor and guidance for the musical education of me and many other local miserable bastards. We all thank you Zazbendoom.
Done my best to rip it lossless, but the source quality ain't high to begin with. Sounds pretty fair though, and contain great material, another superb release by sludge lords.

1. Neon
2. Horse
3. TRP-P-2
4. Instilling
5. Goddamn
6. Inch


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  1. This post has flamed once again my love for the local soviet immigrants "scene" that was active here in Israel during the mid-late nineties.
    Diverse, intellectual and interesting as it was, it remaind relatively unknown to these days, probably because of their isolation and seperation from the "main alternative scene" known here.
    Except a few shows that both prime acts Rabies Caste and their comrades Ausweis ( made with "Israeli" groups, they used to perform in their own venues, record in their own studios.
    I'm always in the look for more documentation of that scene, for the sake of knowledge and preservation. I have a pretty large archive of data and photos, but much few audio or god forbidden video content.
    If you have anything by Agnus Dei, Modelo Para Armar and such, please reach out. I'll help to digitize cassettes if needed.