Thursday, May 28, 2020


Tos Nieuwenhuizen,
1987.09.13 (I think)

Before Kevin Martin's, God has revealed himself upon the earth in the form of a dutch power trio. I'm not gonna expand many words about this, mainly cause I'm not the biggest fan of this group, just cleaning some stuff off the computer, so thought I'll upload it here first for whoever.
Don't get me wrong, all three of them are highly technichal, talented players for sure, and the music is a bizzare mix of progressive art-y heavy thrash metal jams, something like Gore-Black Sabbath-Black Flag-someone, but I just never come to listen to any of the albums, never struck me as memorable ones. Someone will enjoy it more for sure.
First line up was responsible for first two albums (their semi-primitive debut Sweet Life is undoubtly my favorite) included Tos Nieuwenhuizen (guitar), Daan van der Elsken (drums, vocals) and Michael Cavanaugh (bass). Tos left on and the last album saw the addition of Björn Warning (guitar, vocals) and Joszja de Weerdt (guitar), with them the sound became a bit more "90's alternative" thing.

If you're looking for more God, be sure to check this '87 radio session up at Brob Tilt's tapes, he even claims it's better than their studio, for me it's all the same. Bob also scanned an interview with them at his Zine-World if you care.

1988 - Sweet Life (as said, their best)

1. See Smoke, Smell Fire
2. The Finger
3. Settling Down
4. Lust
5. Wimps
6. Teste Marce
7. Stomping Ground
8. Sack B.
9. So Be It!
10. The Asset of Punishment

1989 - The Shametree

1. Risk of Regrets
2. Blessed
3. Wordsworth
4. Stuck
5. Can You Take It
6. Medicine
7. What Climax
8. Brainstorm

1991 - Headrush

1. Image Down
2. Fooler Of Fools
3. You Know Me Not
4. When Time Is Present
5. Zero Sicks
6. Taste
7. Horizon The Liar
8. Drink Deep
9. Black Balled
10. Chicken Song
11. Who'll Decide
12. Child
13. Classic

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