Saturday, April 4, 2020

Xanadu - Blackout In The City

After the Destroy All Monsters Putsch where Cary Loren got sacked of his own creation, he was joined by DAM's members Rob King and 2/3 Miller brothers, Ben and Laurence (who are also about to get kicked by Asheton and Niagara's boots.. guess they weren't made just for walkin'), all together recording the only release for Xanadu, creepy dirty lo-fi garagey fuzzed art rock, nice hybrid between contemporary Cleaveland and Michigan musical aesthetics. A lot of nods for all the band memebers past resume, via Sproton Layer and first experimental incarnation of DAM, all evident in four songs only.

1. No Change
2. Time Bomb
3. Switch The Topic
4. Blackout In The City

Trip to Xanadu

Also released by Loren at the time, was a compilation of recordings he did with DAM, called Days of Diamonds. Now usualy when we get to this part where I request stuff, you all vanish after downloading the link, but I'll never stop trying, so.. If anyone has a rip of Days of Diamonds, please share with a brother.

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